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Definitely find a piercer with education but never forget experience

My two room mates and I had been living in an apartment together in Olympia, WA. Our lease was up and friends who were living in Renton at the time had jobs for us up in and around Seattle. So this was a slightly crazy time as we were in the process of grabbing all our shit and going to a place none of us were familiar with. Everything was packed into the moving van and we were ready to go. We'd all been thinking about getting a piercing done separately and since it was a crazy time any ways it seemed like a perfect time to get something done. We were pretty good friends back then and so I guess we were doing this not only as something for ourselves but as part of bonding with each other. None of us had a car so we drove to the mall in the moving van. Kinda surreal going to the mall when it's a place you've grown up with it always being close by and psychologically we were thinking that this was the last time that we would ever see it. Let alone the fact that all my s tuff was sitting outside in a mall parking lot. I already knew that piercing guns were most definitely not the way to go so we passed the kiosk with the shiny cheap jewelry and teenaged girls trying to get new customers. Oh yeah, we passed it right on by.

Metro body piercing has a main store in downtown Oly and has/had a little inline store in the mall. This is where we went. There was a nice and friendly piercing artist at the store and she did each of us in a row. Katie got her nose pierced, Colin got a labret piercing, and I got my left tragus pierced. Each one of us had a good experience. One getting pierced and one holding a hand. The third person waiting outside. When it was my time to go in I'll admit I was a little nervous. I'd heard a lot of crap and personal experiences but I definitely felt ready. The artist did her standard speech. Reminded me why investing in safe quality piercings vs. having some mall kiosk pierce us with a filthy gun was well worth it. Showed me the sterilization strip as proof of proper sterilization and we were on our way. Kat had my hand and the artist had my ear... As fast as one deep breathe the needle was through and I had a brand new orifice in my body. She put the ring throu gh and with a few adjustments of the captive I was done. It has been a while but I honestly just recall being slightly light headed. Maybe I'm a bit of a masochist but in painful situations I get a lot of endorphins. This time was no exception and otherwise I was in a little bit of shock. After we were all done the artist commented on the fact that this was first time she had ever gotten the ball into the ring on her first try. So over all she seemed like she had been educated as a piercer but probably wasn't too experienced. The site was slightly swollen but otherwise seemed fine About 3 weeks later my tragus was still swollen and growing lumps/blisters on both sides of the piercing site.

I called the main piercing parlor and they wanted me to come in but now that I was up in Renton/Seattle I had no feasible way of going back to Olympia. Without being able to see it the piercer from the downtown Metro told me that I probably had something in the piercing like a hair and that I should be able to help with doing more sea salt rinses. Which I did but to no avail. As I would later learn that was probably because what you should try to do is soak the piercing in salt water not just wipe it off with a sterile pad dipped in salt water... Oh well. So I went to see a piercer with more experience and came upon Mitch Adams of Top Tattoo and Body Piercing in Shoreline, WA. He advised me that there were a few things that could have been the cause of my problem but that one of the issues was probably that the original piercer had used a straight needle to place my circular jewelry. He was willing to fix it and he gave me my choices but after thinking it over I quickly
settled upon just taking it out and trying over later. Which I did 3 months later at Mitch's parlor on October 16th 2007. Great piercer and I will talk about his piercing experience next time. Thanks for reading!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Unknown+artist
Studio: Metro+body+piercing
Location: Olympia%2C+WA

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