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A punch in the head that I still love

Ok! so I suffer from a disease called "laziness". So instead of bothering to go the long way around to achieve my goal of a nice big conch piercing (ok it's not that big) I took the short route. In my infinite wisdom I decided to get my conch punched instead of pierced and stretched.

After a Friday night of major boozing (I know, I know, bad idea) I hopped on a bus to Dublin with a friend who wanted to get his eyebrow pierced AGAIN (lol 5 times and it rejected again lol), I headed off to my favourite piercing studio "Snakebite".

I've never had any problems before with healing cartilage piercings before so I rationalised that I wouldn't have any problems with this one, and I was right absolutely no problems in healing at all.

I digress; this is ment to be about the experience right? So I walked into the studio and was greeted by Rob, who for once was actually doing desk duty lol. But his eyes lit up when I told him what I wanted (think he was getting pissed off with doing navels and other mill of the run stuff).

He explained that this was a serious mod that I would have forever, unless I had surgery, and I said I understood that and I still wanted to go ahead. Being a serious professional he told me to go and have a meal and come back in an hour or so and to think about it(think he smelled the booze), so off I went to a bar around the corner and had a meal but I knew I still wanted this to go ahead. So after paying an extortionate price for a really crap meal (Dublin bars suck ass) I headed back to the studio only to find 8 American tourists going "OMG OMG" having their noses pierced to commemorate their visit to the country.

Now I'm not racist but fk me I was having enough trouble with my nerves thinking about what I was going to do to myself without this sh*t! But luckily Rob saw me as he left one of the rooms and told me to come on in (much to the disgust of the tourists) fk em HAHA.

So in I went to the piercing room and sat down, one of the apprentices asked if she could watch and Rob asked me if I was ok with that, which I was, and off we went! After checking the cartilage and marking the area we were ready. Out came the punch and other assorted bits and pieces and we were ready for "lift off". After a week or so of thinking about how this was going to hurt I was a bag of nerves but apart from the initial feel of the punch on my skin I felt nothing at all (apart from the sound of my cartilage crunching, which was pretty cool in a weird way). Unfortunately for the girl sitting opposite me, and her mother, the sight of a see-through hole in my conch and I major amount of blood was more than they could take and she decided against having her navel pierced that day (laugh to myself :) )

So then i decided to make a really bad decision and decided to go and cure my hangover in the bar I had my meal in and celebrated by having a beer. Needless to say that my conch started to piss blood and i was politely asked to leave said bar. But in my wisdom I decided to go the nearest pharmacy and but a bottle of "Stop Bleed"(not sure if this is the proper name of the product but it just stops a wound from bleeding), then after a quick clean up I went to another bar to medicate for the pain.

Next thing I know I'm drunk and thinking of gettin my helix pierced. So off I went to the studio again and got a few strange looks from Rob as to why i was back so quickly (I think he thought I'd had a problem with the punch), But since i held my breath near him and eaten a pack of mints i got accepted to go through with the piercing.

This time a different piercer (can't remember his name) took me into a room and since karma had obviously had enough of me chancing my luck that day he used the wrong guage needle and had to re-pierce my helix, but that wasn't any real problem because I was drunk and didn't feel anything anyway :).

5 Years later I'm still undecided if a dermal punch was a good idea! It was an experience I'll never forget and I really like the look of it but will it affect my later life? I.E. kids, life, job prospects etc.

Ya know what screw it I love the piercing and anyone who doesn't well that's their loss. Anyone who's considering a dermal punch go for it, but really, really do think about how it will affect you in later years, while I'm still delighted to see a nice big hole in my conch will your family/friends/kids/employer see it in the same way????

But one thing I will never regret is going to the people in Snakebite. They are totally professional and have no problem telling you that a piercing wont work. But if you've done your research they will consider any idea you may have. Thanks guys!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: Snakebite
Location: Lower+Abbey+St.+Dublin

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