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the story of my lobe stretching

Well, this is my story about stretching my lobes. It first started last year some time when my friend stretched his ear to 2mm using a fake stretcher then pushing a 2mm nail through. After seeing his I thought that stretching your ear lobes was stupid and I wasn't planning on doing I but after a while me and my friend decided to stretch our ears more so, we went into Launceston and he bought a 3mm while I bought a 2mm. I had already put in a fake stretcher because it seemed to stretch my friend's lobe so I tried pushing the 2mm in and it slid through without hurting at all so I went back and bought a 3mm.

Later that night my friend and I were at my house and we both hadn't been able to push our 3mm stretchers through in Launceston so I put some bepanthen (dis-infecting cream) onto it to keep it clean and stop it from getting infected while also lubricating it to make it slide through easier. After applying the bepanthen I tried pushing it through and it slid through but my friend still had trouble getting his in.

After a few more hours and some Vaseline he got his in as well so we now both had our stretchers in. it did hurt pushing it through and once it was in you could feel the pain coming in waves but once you had it in for about 10 minutes it stopped hurting as much and it only felt a little bit sore.

After about a week my friend and I went back into Launceston and bought bigger stretchers. He bought a 6mm and I bought an 8mm. neither of us could be bothered trying to get them through in Launceston without and type of lubrication to help us. So, we waited til we got back to his house we both tried to get ours in but we couldn't even get them half way. Then I went home with a sore ear lobe and my stretcher still not in.

The next day I tried pushing it in and it went in a bit but it was still sore so I couldn't get it far. I went down to my friend's house and he still didn't have his in either. We sat there all day trying to push our stretchers in but at the end of the day we still didn't have them in.

So, the next day I went back down to his house and he pushed his in and offered to push mine in for me because I still didn't have it in. wanting it in, I decided to let him. It turned out to be a bad idea. We went into his bathroom and he coated my stretcher with bepanthen and started pushing it through. It started to hurt really bad and I couldn't take it so I told him to stop but he didn't listen and he kept pushing it in. I heard my ear lobe rip and yet he kept pushing and then I heard it rip again so I shouted at him to stop and finally he did. My stretcher still wasn't in but it was in more by about a centimetre or two. It was hurting extremely bad and when I looked at it in the mirror I realised that it was bleeding. I couldn't touch it for the rest of the day and I couldn't sleep on it so instead of letting it stick out I pushed the rest of the stretcher that was sticking out, into my ear like and ear plug.

I couldn't try pushing my stretcher in for a few days after that but after a break I finally got it in. altogether it took four days of trying to get it in but a total week in all (three days break when it was to sore) after getting it in I left it in for a few weeks then my friend went to Queensland and bought a ten mm stretcher and plug but he couldn't get it in so, when he came back, I pushed the ten mill stretcher into my ear and it went through within 10 seconds. It did still hurt once it was in there but not for long and it didn't get as sore and swollen as my other stretchers that I had put in. in the next few days I put the plug in while my friend put my 8 mill in and then he wanted the plug back so I put the stretcher back in. after a few more weeks I bought a 16mm stretcher and I tried pushing it in and I got it in pretty far but I still didn't have it in when I went to sleep that night.

The next day at school, I got my friend to push it the rest of the way in after putting some Vaseline on it. After a few more weeks the 16 mm stretcher started falling out, even when I had the bands on it so, I went and got a 20mm stretcher and that took three days and two nights to get it in. at that point, I could get a finger through my ear easily and I could get the tips of two fingers in so that made me want it bigger but every shop I went to never had a 24mm stretcher so, I decided to put some stretchers inside my ear in between my stretcher and ear lobe. I started off with a 4mm stretcher I had bought for my right ear (I lost my 3mm) and soon I had the 8mm in there and then I couldn't find a cheap 24 mm plug. All the 24mm plugs were screw tunnels which cost about $50-60 so, instead I used the cap off a perfume bottle (I measured it and it was 24mm) but the cap was metal so I couldn't cut it up and I wanted a plug that you could look through so I stuck a 6mm in with my
plug and then cut the end off a plastic bottle (the part where you drink from, near the seal) and I put that in my ear. It measured to be about 25mm and I carved it out a bit so it looks nice and neat and you couldn't tell that it's off a plastic bottle.

I still have it in today and im happy with it. I can now fit two of my fingers in my ear lobe and I don't think ill go any bigger. I have my right ear stretched in two different parts of the lobe the lower one is stretched to 10mm and the higher hole is stretched to 8mm and I am only going to stretch my 8mm hole to 10mm then ill put a plug in and stop. Here's some advice for stretching your lobes: don't put ice on it before you stretch because this will make it harder to stretch and more painful. Quicker is less painful and if you can't do it get a friend to, just as long as they stop when you tell them to. Also, you can look on the internet on other methods of stretching your lobes.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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