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Noob stretcher

Hey guys and gals, here is my story on my first experiences with stretching which started only late late last night, and possibly early early this morning and brings you up to speed with me as of right now.

As I entered my teenage years, I had always yearned for a piercing. I'm still in my teens, and I've been pierced 5 times now, all in the ears. My left lobe was first pierced when I was just 13 or 14, but closed up within the year. I got it pierced shortly thereafter in the same spot though. I had the one piercing for quite some time, until I decided to get my left lobe pierced again and my right lobe pierced for the first time. I sported these earrings for a few years up until my friend wanted to get his ears pierced for the first time about 5 months ago, but didn't want to go alone (yeah, kind of a vag) so I got my left lobe pierced yet again (each time has been slightly higher on the lobe going at a diagonal angle).

That brings my piercings up to this point in time. Yesterday, I had been looking at stretching and gauges and tapers online for literally hours. At about 6pm I decided to go the mall and buy some tapers. Spencer's didn't have jack really, and Hot Topic only had 16g and larger. Their tapers were all acrylic 16g through 8g, so I couldn't get any steel ones. I thought about it for awhile, and could tell by looking, that my bottom-most left lobe piercing (the spot pierced twice due to the first time closing up) was definitely bigger than a 20g or even 18g. I figured I'd be able to slip a 14g in there with relative ease, but I knew that would be tough on my right lobe. One of the girls working at Hot Topic, after I had pointed out that I wanted a 14g, suggested and basically told me that I could fit a 12g! I was a little shocked, but I went with her suggestion and not only bought 12g tapers, but 10g and 8g also.

That night when I got home, I went right to the bathroom and got some vaseline. I took all four of earrings, opened the tapers and got this process started. The 12g taper, with just a bit of lube, went in my left lobe with little force and pain. No bleeding or nothing. My right lobe however, would only go in part of the way, and I can't say I am surprised as this was most definitely a 20g at the moment and here I am trying to go right to a 12g. Anyways, I went to sleep like so that night...left lobe good to go and right lobe only part way in.

When I woke up today, my left ear felt fantastic. It didn't have any soreness whatsoever and much to my surprise, both of the tapers were still in my lobes and I didn't even use the o-rings. All day I have been playing with my tapers, specifically trying to get the 12g all the through my right lobe.

Just within the past hour, I had noticed that I could tug and pull the taper in my left lobe without any discomfort. I busted out the 10g and went to the bathroom! I pushed the 12g all the way through, and started in with the 10g...with no lube. Honestly, the 10g went in easier than the 12g did the night before. AWESOME! 20g to 10g in less than 24 hours with no assistance and no lube on the 10g! Much easier and much less painful than I ever thought it would be (so far).

On the downside, my right lobe is still not accepting the 12g without feeling a bit of pain. I'll work at it slowly, and I think it'll be good by the end of the week.

All in all, stretching has been amazingly fun so far and once you start you really want to see if you can make the next size fit in. I know the sizes I am using right now are not all that big, but everyone has to start somewhere, and considering when I woke up yesterday morning I had my same old boring 20g/18g earrings, I think I've got something to be proud of. I hope to get to a 6g by Christmas, and 0g by my birthday in the spring of 2009. I am guessing as the gauges get larger, I will be waiting longer for my ears to heal and take everything slower just to be careful.

Thanks for reading everyone. Goodluck stretching to all the other beginners, and just as a warning, I don't necessarily advocate going at the pace I did and skip both 16g and 14g, but go with what feels right, yanno? You'll know if you are pushing your ear to the limit, and if it comes to that, just back off and take it much much slower or even use the next gauge smaller in size.

Keep on stretching! I know I will be!


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on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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