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Getting my ear to two inches

Well I really wanted to get my ears pierced so I wanted to do them cheap, and the only place around was WalMart. First off never go there for your ears, guns are bad for your ears, but when I went there I did not know about that. So I went in and paid the money and then I was done sitting there at a 18 gauge. I went home and found out my ears did not like what was in my ear so I took it out and I just so happen to have a 16 gauge crescent that I bought for later. I took out what they have given me and I put olive oil on my ear and it just went in with ease.

It was about a week later when I found out it stretched again and ever so easily, so I had to go and buy something bigger. So I got a 14, 10, and a 8 gauge plug from a online store. I went to the bathroom to oil up my ear and then slipped the 14 in my ear. Now at this time I was sleeping with the earrings in, and that I think made them stretch faster than normal. It was two days when I woke up and I had skipped like three sizes and I was now a eight gauge. I still went on through my day and I often pulled on my ear to help it stretch a little bit easier so it would not make that much of a pain to get the next size in. I went to sleep with my earrings in and I kept on skipping sizes. It took about two months for me to reach a zero gauge and that was kind of a pain to get up to.

Two weeks have passed and I had still had my zero in and at the end of the week I went to double zero and I was happy, for another week I slept with my earrings in my ear and by the end of that week I was already at triple zero or half inch. I was proud of my self but when I got to that size like one hour later my earrings fell out because of extra room, so I had to use a sharpie as a taper to move up to seven eights on my ear and unlucky me I had to cut the sharpie to make due for a earring.

While I was wearing the sharpie and looking for cheap earrings because If I was moving on up I was not buying new earrings for me to pass up the size. Now I am on to the next month and I was ready to stretch to one inch, I had pre-ordered a pair of wood earrings for that size so I was in luck, I oiled down my ear and it was kind of a pain with the flares on the earring but It came through on it. The new earrings were nice and snug, I still fell asleep with my earrings in and when I got to one inch it kind of did not stretch like it did before, and my goal was to be at two inches.

Well I figured that if I wanted to stretch to a bigger size I had to get some plumbing tape for my ear and thankfully it is not expensive. So I bought a roll and I added about nine wraps around my earring every two days for me to get bigger. I had made it to a inch and one fourth in about two weeks time, and the oil I was using for it was olive oil. I had to use a bottle cap for earrings because I did not want to buy new earrings until I got to a inch and a half. So slowly stretching every 2 days it took me about a week and a half for me to fully reach a inch and a half. I went again to the online store and good nice wood and stone plugs. I left my earrings in for about six months giving them some rest before I went back up again.

Those months have passed and I started taping them up again, still with the nine wraps around for two days and then within three weeks I was up to a inch and seven eights. Now at this time I thought my ears could not get any bigger, it did kind of hurt me to get to that inch and seven eights but it wore off after a while. I then down sized for a week and went back up to a inch and seven eights. I did the tape up thing and in two and a half weeks I made it up to two inches, and for my final size I bought a pair of Blood wood tunnels for my ear.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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