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My beautiful Industrial


I've always wanted my industrial but never had the guts, which is weird because I have many other piercings including my nipples...I just have a weird pain thing for ear piercing. I don't know how I came up with the idea that it would hurt more than that but I did. Ha-ha

So after long hours of searching on BME and considering which type of industrial I wanted and where I wanted it, I found the one which I thought would suit me the most. And that ended up to be from the top of my ear near my temple to across my ear...if that makes sense. (The one most people have).

I had no idea which piercer to go to as there are quite a few good piercers around my area... I thought it would be a wise decision to go to the same piercer I got my 2nd navel piercing and my tragus done which turned out to be a great idea, they are always very polite and professional. I went to their shop on Thursday night and booked in my appointment for the next day at 2pm... They had none of the industrial bars so they had to get one in just for me at 12pm...It then took an hour to sterilize the jewellery so I ended up with a 2pm time which was fine...since I didn't wake up that day till 12pm, Opps...

I went home super excited and started looking at the images of them and read some of the experiences other people have written in (which put me off because they made it sound horrible - But in saying that everybody feels pain differently.)

I woke up the next day with so many butterflies I was feeling dizzy but after a while it was more adrenaline rush. I walked to the shops from my house and went into big W and got two massive bags of lollies and a bottle of coke...(It took me about 30 minutes to find out what lollies I wanted and then decided which one would have a higher sugar level)..I wanted to have a good sugar level as its important to have sugar in your system so you don't faint or feel dizzy...oh and a excuse to eat heaps of lollies... Ha-ha...I love going to get pierced hypo. He-he...

I arrived at the shop a little bit early (about 5 minutes) so he asked me to have a seat, so I did. I decided as he'd call me soon, I'd shove a huge handful of jelly bean lollies in my mouth and chew really fast, then I skulled down my coke. Just as I finished, he said "I'm ready if you're ready (with a cheeky smile)". That smile made me nervous but he was friendly so I forgot about it and got super excited instead...

I sat down on the table and he asked me where I wanted the piercing. He took out his pen and lined it up and it was perfect. He took out his needle (which I shouldn't have looked at...but yeah I did). He said "take a deep breath in and you'll feel a prick"... Stuck the needle in I cried "Holy shit" Then he laughed and said...'and then you'll feel another prick'...Stuck in the needle again "F%#@!!!" I yelled (but quiet enough that no one would hear me outside in the shop)... Then he put the jewellery in which probably was worse than the second hole... "[email protected]#$, [email protected]#%, Ouch!!!" Then it was done. That was the fastest piercing I have ever had. It was like In- Out. Done.

I assumed it would have felt a lot worse than it did but I just kept breathing and it was bearable. I took one look in the mirror and nearly died, it looks stunning. Still stings after 10 hours...and it were stupid of me to pick the side I sleep on. But oh well. No pain, no game.

I did make a large mistake out of this whole event. As I was sitting in the big chair/table, he pulled out the needle from his bench but I didn't actually see him do it or where he got the needle from. I should have watched him because as needles can be scary to look at, it's good to make sure he actually took it out of a sterilized packet. You never know... some piercers do get lazy (no offence) but it's such a safety concern. I got carried away in the moment and didn't realise till afterward that I didn't even check the packaging. He might have been setting up, while I was in the waiting room but I should have spoke up and asked to see the needle. The needle used on me, could have been used on the girl that just got her nose pierced before I got my piercing. Scary, huh?

Overall, I paid $83.50 it was a great experience and can't wait for my next piercing. Please don't get put off reading people experience's. Everyone is different and some people over exaggerate a little... Try things for yourself then decide. I am glad I went through with it, even though I got really nervous, I would have regretted it if I didn't go through with it.

Pain scale for me was 7.

10 being the worst amount of pain.

Thank you for reading. Hope this helps in some way.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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