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Most painful beautiful thing I have

I had wanted a piercing for several weeks, and had been reading about tongue piercings on BME.I had decided that I was going to get one. I told my boyfriend and my best friend what I had planned on doing. They both didn't like the idea. After they had both told me that they thought it would be a bad idea and that I wouldn't like it I ended up deciding that I would get an Industrial instead. I had always loved the way they looked so I decided that's what I wanted.

So Monday night my boyfriend and I decided that we would go to Body Art Emporium so he could get his ears gauged and I could get my Industrial. This was a total spur of the moment decision and wasn't planned at all. I had a random itch and felt like I had to go right then. When we got there a chick was getting her nose done. The piercing area was right in front and every one could see. I didn't really like that but I thought well I'm just getting my ear done so it's not like I'm going to be exposing myself.

The chick with the nose ring got finished and it was my turn. Doc decided that I would go first since my boyfriends would be less complicated. Being that this was my first real piercing I was kind of nervous. The only other mod I have is a lower back tattoo that was done in a very sketchy situation in someone's kitchen (yes bad idea I know.) He had me fill out all the paper work saying that I was old enough and took a copy of my driver's license. We then talked about which ear we were going to pierce and I settled on my right because I don't sleep on it nearly as much and have had some bad things happen to my left. So he then had me sit in this funny looking chair and began talking about aftercare and keeping it clean, and that the most important thing was to never touch it with dirty hands. He also told me to wash it with band-aid brand antiseptic wash, and to clean it with a good antibacterial soap, both I have done religiously everyday.

He started to get all the material he would need out and then marked the holes. He didn't let me see them which I wasn't too happy about but thought hey he's the professional he knows what he is doing. He then had me breathe in and out and then I felt the needle go through the first hole. He pierced bottom to top. He told me to take another deep breathe and asked if I was ready for the second, and being that the first one didn't hurt at all I said "Sure, that was easy" Well. Let me tell you, I was totally wrong. That second hole was probably the worse pain I have ever felt in my life. It crunched and popped and hurt, but it only lasted for a second. Then he told me it was time to put the jewelry in that was surprisingly easy since most experiences I have read about on here said that inserting the jewelry was worse than the actual piercing.

I then got up to look at it, and it had to me the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I was totally in love with it. I can't wait until I can change the bar out for a metal colored one. I really love the way the look. I then paid him my $40, and my boyfriend sat down to get his ears done.

After we left the piercing place we went out to dinner and then did some shopping at the mall, I really didn't have much pain with it at all, just a little twinge here and there.

I actually went back to see him a few days ago to get the bar changed since the first one had been too tight and started to pinch my ear, after the change things started to feel much much better. I went back today to see my piercer and he said things were healing great, and that I have taken very good care of it. =) and while I was there..I actually got my nose pierced, and gauged my ears to 14s.

All in all my industrial was a great experience and I would totally do it again and recommend it to anyone and everyone. Best advice I have is to take care of it. Never touch it with dirty hands and clean it really well, and make sure you trust your piercer and have a really good relationship with him or her, if you are ever in Louisville go see doc at Body Art Emporium.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Doc
Studio: Body+Art+Emporium
Location: Louisville%2C+KY

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