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5m Ear Cartilage Dermal Punch

I've been looking into getting a dermal punch in the upper cartalidge of my ear for years now, this is probably the 'heaviest' body mod I've gotten to date and I have to admit the idea of getting a hole punched in me was a bit scary!

One of the main reasons I've waited so long to get this done is just that I didn't know anywhere that did this procedure and never quite got the bottle to ask. When I started looking into it in more detail I was shocked by how widely spread and common this procedure is, so I decided to take the plunge at my local place, Access All Areas in Nottingham.

I booked the appointment for about a week from when I went in as they were waiting to get the right size and type of punch in to do my piercing. When I went back on the day of my appointment I was feeling pretty good, I wasn't nervous but I was excited!

So, I went up and almost immediately I was told they had some bad news for me, the punches never arrived!

I was gutted but I gave them my number and they said they'd call me when the punches came in.

I was due to go to Access with my friend to get her tragus done a few days later on my lunch break, I was thinking I'd check if there was any news on the punches but I only had an hour before I was due back at work so wasn't looking to get it done then. However when we got to Access they told me the punches were in, I started getting excited again (it might be worth mentioning at this point, between the 1st appointment and the punches arriving I stupidly decided to watch a video of a dermal punch, which helped the nerves kick in!) I asked if they could do a dermal punch and a tragus piercing in the 45 or so minutes I had before I had to get back to work and they said it shouldn't be a problem so we filled in our consent forms and headed upstairs.

By this time I was much more nervous, but trying not to show it as my friend getting the tragus piercing had asked me to come with her as I have more experience with piercings than her and she wanted some moral support.

We got our piercings done by a guy called Paddy, we had a bit of a chat and a laugh while we waited for the jewellery to go through the auto-clave. He did the tragus piercing first, no problems, then it was time for the punch.

I played around with the positioning until we got it right then I was marked up and the local anaesthetic was applied. I'm not sure what kind of anaesthetic was used but it was a liquid that made my ear SO cold!

Then, I heard the punch being taken out the packaging, Paddy said something about them being the best kind of punches and that's why we had to wait, which was reassuring I guess!

He lined the punch up on my ear and used a (I can't remember the proper name, it was like a wooden thing used to hold down tongues, tongue restrictor?) to cover the back.

Next thing I knew, it was done. I felt NOTHING! There was that classic 'crunch' sensation but the most painful part of the piercing was getting the rubber 'o' ring on the back of the jewellery, even that was nothing more than a flick.

We'd run through the aftercare with Paddy while we were waiting for the jewellery to be cleaned so we paid and left, feeling very proud of myself.

It had started to bleed as I was leaving so they gave me a nice big wad of tissue paper, which looked great when I walked back into work holding a bloody tissue to the side of my head (at least no one questioned me being late back!)

It began to throb about 10 minutes after it was done, but nothing too painful, I was just very aware of that ear.

Everything went great for the 1st day or so, I left it alone for the 1st 24 hours as Paddy had suggested then began cleaning once a day with saline and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution alternately. After about 3 days though I could feel a lot of pressure around the piercing and I was having trouble cleaning away the blood as every time I removed some of the build-up the piercing would start bleeding again. I also took 2 Ibuprofen every 4 hours or so for a couple of days to try and help the swelling reduce.

I'd already been asked to return to Access after a week so they could check the jewellery but as I work within walking distance of the studio I popped in on a lunch break and asked them to have a look at it. They seemed a bit concerned and I was told, as I'd thought, it was very swollen and there wasn't any more space with this jewellery for it to keep swelling. He said he didn't want to put longer jewellery in just yet as it would increase the risk of me catching it, which would have the opposite affect to what we wanted!

It was decided the best thing was for me to leave the piercing alone for another 24 hours and to just soak it in the bath/shower to soften any discharge, after another day the piercing felt much better and the swelling began to go down.

It's now about 3 weeks since I had this piercing done, it all looks great and is healing nicely, I'm now just cleaning it in the bath/shower and can now take the piercing out (probably about once a week) to give it a good clean.

The only problem this piercing has really caused was with my sleeping habits, I already knew I'd have to give up sleeping on one side for this piercing, which isn't a problem unless I've had a few! It doesn't seem to have caused any major problems with the piercing after the few occasions this has happened but the piercing does ache for a bit after I wake up so definitely something to avoid!

Overall I love this piercing and in a way it opened a lot of doors for me, getting something a bit more extreme than anything I had previously proved to me I CAN do it! I also found out that Access All Areas offer a lot more piercings than I realised, next up, micro-dermal implants!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Paddy
Studio: Access+All+Areas
Location: Nottingham

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