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My Tragus - Lucky Number 7

Alright so when I got my nose pierced at the age of fifteen I happened to have more piercings then all of my friends. Which was saying something since I had my first lobes down the year before my nose. Now then I had gotten my cartlidge pierced (With a gun, I know a major no-no.. But it turned out ok) and I had did my own second lobes by myself over the summer. (I know, another no-no but they came out alright. Guess I'm lucky) So by the time school swung around, I was aching for another piercing.

Now by then I had six piercing, which is still more then most of my friends. Only one of my friends had a real piercing, an idustrial which she copied off me when I wanted one for when I grad. Whatever, I'll have bigger and better plans for my grad present. So anyway, I had a $50 dollar gift card for the local and only piercing place around. The Prophecies. Which is all that bad, sure they allow people to smoke in there, sure they tattoo dogs in there, and sure I've heard a few horror stories there. But I wanted a piercing, and I know Mel the piercer was pretty good.

So I went in with my friend (The one with the industrial)because I hate getting pierced alone. I had decided the day before that I was going to get a Tragus. Mostly because someone had come into my work with both traguses pierced. I saw it and I fell in love with it.

So I sorta skipped art and me and my friend walked (Well she walked, I mostly skipped) to the prophecies. I was thrilled I couldn't wait to get my tragus, all of my piercings were boring and common. But a tragus, most people didn't even know what part of the body it was! Some people thought it was a dragon.

When we walked to the store (Well I sorta walked into the door..) though we found that it was locked, and that they didn't open until 11. So we had to kill some time, which we did in typical small town way. Walking up and down main street, looking like we're going to buy something with no money.

Finally the time came and we got to the store, Mel greeted us and I told her about my plan to get my tragus done. She's being doing this for awhile and her family all work with her. She's a good poker, not sure about the tattooing there. So she led us into her little room and sat me on the typical dentist type chair. She was the only one in so it was quiet, noone was smoking, and there wasn't an audience.

Now she started to set up, and I was already grinning from ear to ear. No nerves just sheer excitment to getting pierced again. Which was probably good, because she never settled me down, never explained what she was doing. When I laid down so that she could mark my left ear, I had to ask for a mirror so I can see the placement. A little disapointing, but she was very clean and took off her gloves when she was done setting up because 'they were all gunked up' and put on a fresh pair.

So I'm still grining like an idiot when I look at the placement and agree that I like it there. I lay back down and my friend takes my hand. Mel grabs a metel tube and holds it on the top of my tragus as she seemed to take forever to put the needle through the cartlidge. It didn't hurt though, there was pressure and definitly the sound of cartlidge being stabbed at. But I smiled even wider as I was getting poked. After it felt like 15secs she got the needle through and was preparing to put in a CBR (Captive Bead Ring). Once she put it through cleaned my ear a bit, there wasn't any blood. Just some alchol in my ear, and the ink ran a bit. I sat up and looked at the shiny new hoop in my tragus, it looked rather weird. It stuck straight and she missed the purple dot. But it didn't matter, it looked gorgeous to me.

Still grinning like an idiot I jumped to my feet and I pulled out my $50 gift card, although the piercing cost $65 she gave me a deal. Which was good, since I didn't have any money. Alas pay day was far away. Oh well, worked out for me. Never had to pay for a piercing yet. So I think I'm doing good. Mel gave me instructions to take care of the piercing, use warm anti-bactieral soap and clean twice a day for a week. Then take it as it goes.

Well I skipped back to school, showed it off a bit. I got alot of postitive feed back and of course 'did it hurt?'. Well the first few days it was fine, no pus, no soreness, and no swelling. So I kinda laid off cleaning. Plus I wasn't home alot so I forgot to keep care of it. Then it got pretty bad, swelled to three times it's normal size, and sore to talk or even smile. Its gotten better now that I've taken care of it again, still swollen but great things take time now don't they?

I wouldn't really recomend prophecies, they're not all that bad. My friends industrial turned out well, many people that I've heard have had good experiances from that place. Just that it doesn't have the feel of a professional eat-off-the-floor atmosphere. It's pretty laid back, and it really smells of smokes at the end of the day. All in all though I would highly recomend getting a tragus done. It's pretty easy to hide, it took my mom a week to notice. Since Mel didn't ask for ID. She knew I was 17, but since it was only a ear piercing she didn't really care.

To sum up Tragus = Love.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Mel
Studio: prophecies
Location: Smithers%2C+BC

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