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My Coming of Age with a Forward Helix

So I am terribly unexciting when it comes down to my experiences with piercings, or at least i was until yesterday. I, like most girls, got my ears pierced with a gun at the mall when I was about eight. I had fully resigned myself to being a one piercing kind of girl until I started really noticing other peoples' piercings.

Eventually, I got hit with this urge to go get pierced. I started looking around for something that would suit me. I'm fairly simple in my tastes and didn't want anything too large or common. Having a unique piercing was the most important aspect for me. I began lurking on bme, looking at random girls at the mall, and just plain snooping on people's pierced lives.

Finally, I found my piercing. It was love at first sight. A forward helix was exactly what I needed. I then began looking at jewelry, gauges, and what to expect. I was surprised to find limited information on this style, but that also reassured me that I would have a unique piercing. I read a lot about cartilage piercings to prepare myself. I decided on jewelry, which was a curved barbell, eyebrow ring. I loved the way it looked, and it was subtle without being nonexistent. Next came convincing a friend to come with me.

After I found my ideal piercing, the first person I told was my best friend Marian. Marian had been wanting to get her lip pierced for about six months, but was in a constant battle with her mom about it. I wanted her to come with me and she agreed. She was set in getting her lip done. After a week of waiting for my eighteenth birthday to arrive, I finally told my dad. He was nonchalant about the entire situation so I just went with it. I was so excited to celebrate my new legal status that I had to get it. I began checking around at area shops for the best of the best. I asked a friend of mine who was thoroughly pierced where she got hers done. She told me that Bad Boy was reasonable in price and incredibly good. Marian and I decided to go the next day.

Meanwhile, in Marian's word, her mother laid down an ultimatum that if she got her lip pierced she would be totally cut off financially. Marian is a college student so she begrudgingly decided not to get her lip done for now. She really like the piercing I was going to get and I had no problems sharing my piercing with my best friend of 3 years. She felt a little bad, because she knew I wanted it to be unique (I know that word keeps coming up....but it really was the most important aspect of my piercing!) but I reassured her that I would love to have a matching piercing with her.

So, on Saturday we drove up to Bad Boy. We were fine until we hit our first red light. Then, we started to get nervous. When we pulled into the parking lot, I refused to get out until I was sure that I was ready. After about five minutes, we bit the bullet and went in. We signed the paperwork, picked out our jewelry (a clear gem titanium curved barbell for me, and a hot pink curved barbell for Mer) and met our piercer. While Jarrod got prepped for everything, he had told us that he had been out drinking the night before, which of course made me nervous. He said he went to bed at 6:30 that morning and then came into work at 10. I then, half jokingly said that if he messed up my piercing I was going to be an unhappy camper. He was, however, very relaxed and friendly. I decided to go first so I was sure I couldn't chicken out.

Jarrod put the clamps on which was uncomfortable, but not painful. Then went the needle, which made me say "Is it through yet?" as I had a death grip on Marian's hand. "Yep," he said and quickly put in my shiny, sparkly barbell. I vision got a little blurry and my adrenaline kicked in, making me a little lightheaded. Putting the jewelry in was the worst part, but was not painful; more awkward and uncomfortable. When he was done, my ear was hot (as to be expected) but not painful. I looked in the mirror and was so pleased. Marian was up next and was bound and determined to be a hard ass. She didn't scrunch up her face or need a hand to squeeze. She was cool and calm about the whole thing. We got the usual cleaning speech and left the studio completely enthusiastic and satisfied.

When we left, Marian's piercing hurt, and mine didn't, which was pretty much the tone of the evening. We went home, took pictures, and cleaned our new wounds before getting dinner. I had little or no pain with my piercing while hers was more tender and throbbing. I was able to sleep on my piercing with little or no discomfort, while she could not.

Its only the day after, but I couldn't be happier. My piercing is so cute, dainty, and (again) unique, that I feel it is perfect for me. For anyone considering this, I would say go for it. :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jarrod
Studio: Bad+Boy+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Alliance%2C+OH

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