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Long awaited and much loved.

During the summer I came to the conclusion to extend my collection mods to include a pretty micro-curved barbell in my rook.

I fell in love with this piercing when I was 13 and have since been pining for it, with no avail to mother dearest, whom only actually found out what it was called this morning. I was finally permitted to allow a stranger shove a needle through my ear cartilage, a procedure hurting only me, which is why it still seems ridiculas that I needed her permission at all, as she recognised that she was in fact saying no for absolutely no reason.

The day I decided to go to my normal piercing studio I went and dragged 2 friends out bed and demanded that they accompany me. On arrival I was disappointed to be told that he does not pierce rooks as there can be a chance that the owner of this magnificent piercing may not hear as well after. This was something I had never heard of before and have now found no further evidence of. On hearing that I would not be able to have my rook pierced there I settled for a tragus piercing which was silly as has I removed it about a week after I succeeded in having my rook pierced.

The Saturday after my failed attempt I took a constitutional up to Camden with the same friends I had previously awoken for company on a piercing expedition. Ounce I had spent nigh on an hour meandering around the place inquiring into the prices of piercings and age limits in 7 or so different places I settled in a tiny little parlour called Blue Skin which I had never heard of but was very pleased with. So you are aware of the level of piercing professionalism I had been used to, this was the first time I had been asked to fill out a waiver despite my rook being my 7th piercing done since I was 12 and that I procured a tattoo at 15.

So I filled out one of those waiver thingys that I had heard so much about on BME, and they photocopied my ID whilst I hid my face in shame of the photo on it. Then I instructed my friends to stay where they were and not get in to any trouble, though this may seem condescending they were being epically annoying and as they collectively have a total of 0 modifications were failing to see how calm would have been nice. So I followed the piercer through and settled my self down for getting the piercing I had waited 3 years for. I find silence particularly awkward so was nattering away asking questions and discussing my poor decision making when I allowed my tragus to be pierced with a gun, I know Oh So Silly. When it came to the piercing itself I was most nervous about the jewellery being put through as I had heard it was the most painful part, this was completely correct. The clamps caused a mild discomfort, but were not especially painful. My piercer very calmly and precisely
put the needle through my ear. As this piece of cartilage is on the very inner part of the ear it is moved every time any other part of the cartilage is moved; that accompanied with the needle needing to be moved to allow the piercers fingers to manoeuvre the tiny curved barbell in, meant that one of the other piercers opening the door at that moment revealed my face to my friends as one of wide eyed, open mouthed horror at the odd feeling currently in my ear. Thus causing hysterics in the waiting room. Do not get me wrong the pain was minimal compared to what I had been expecting, but feeling that that the structural integrity of my ear was compromised in such a disturbing manor through me completely. I then paid £22 for the piercing and shakily went to my friends, who still laughing checked I was ok then convinced me to buy several belly rings that they had spotted whilst I was being pierced, and we left.

For me when I see a modification I like, I will obsess about getting maybe go off it for a while, unless I get it immediately but will always come back to it at some point thinking, right now is the time to get this done no more waiting, and I never regret it if I at any point really wanted it. So if you're reading this looking at pictures and thinking: fuck I want to get this done. Then don't wait three years and torture yourself for it, get the money go to a studio and do it, it's a brilliant piercing that looks unusual and easily hidden at school or work. I go to a very strict girls school and not one teacher has seen it that I haven't shown.

So good luck with all your future mods and do email me if you have any questions.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: I+dont+remember+his+name.
Studio: Blue+Skin
Location: Camden+High+Street

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