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Industrial at Bodywork 2, Liverpool

So, I have a couple of lobe piercings in each ear, and a ring in my lip on the right side. Other than that, I'm a piercing newbie.

I'd been thinking about another body mod for some time - I don't have a design for another tattoo that I'm happy with yet, but I'd been slipping back into 'everyone-else' mode again, and wanted to feel special, unique, myself. A brush with an old, bad relationship also meant I wanted to feel like my body belonged to me again.

Piercing was looking more and more like the way forwards. I wanted more ear piercings - so much pretty jewellery, so few holes - and then I saw a girl one day with a scaffold (industrial) piercing. It was love at first sight, basically. I was sure that this was what I wanted.

But, like a sensible girl, I waited a while, read around on BME, asked some friends about their experiences. Then I was sure.

My last piercing experience - my lip - really didn't go so well. Lots of blood, lots of pain, and a piercing that migrated and healed really badly due to too small a diameter ring. Needless to say, there was no way I was going back to the same studio.

I ended up going with a friend when she went to get her anti-eyebrow piercing done, to Bodywork Piercing 2 in Grand Central, Liverpool UK. It's clean, they're friendly, professional, and really really nice. I was completely happy to leave myself in their hands!

So, Lucy had a quick look at my ear to make sure a scaffold piercing would sit okay in my anatomy - first time I've ever been complimented on the shape of my ear! Then the usual questions, a quick check that my medication wasn't going to cause a problem (not a question I'd ever been asked before when getting pierced), and a surprisingly reasonable amount of money later, I got the lecture on cleaning and looking after my piercing.

Then Ash called my name and I was in there. He marked out the location for the piercings, checking that it wouldn't interfere with my glasses - something I'd been a little worried about but hadn't yet mentioned - and got it spot on straight away, right where I'd wanted it.

Next up came the anaesthetic - some cotton wool in my ear and a freezing spray on the rest of it. I giggled - it tickled! - and seemed to amuse Ash. Ten seconds later, I was all ready. A final check in the mirror, and a reminder to take a breath, and by the time I had my lungs and brain co-ordinated, it was all done and all that was left was to put the jewellery in. I didn't feel anything beyond a slight pressure, even putting the barbell in. No blood, no pain, just a strangely hot ear and a very cool new piercing.

Ash ran through the aftercare again with me, told me to come back in a couple of weeks if I was around there and just let them check up on it, and to phone, call, email, or drop in if anything at all didn't seem right. (which I thought was excellent looking-after-customers'ness). Then I hung around for my friend, and off we went!

Next day (today) I cleaned it... a little bruising, a little swelling and a tiny bit of dried blood. Other than that, it looks like it's been there forever, although rolling over in the night onto that side of my head did provoke a scream or two. And brushing my hair is... interesting, shall we say? But yes, the bar is a little longer to allow for swelling, which also makes it easier to clean... I was told I could change it in about three months or so, which I will be doing. However, I got told I could change the balls in a couple of weeks - I'm starting my jewellery collection already!

To sum it up - very nice piercing, looks fabulous already and is, I think, that little bit less usual. I can't wait for it to heal a little, so I can experiment with different jewellery. I'd recommend this to anyone, it was so easy and looks so good straight away – perfect if you're an instant-gratification kind of girl!

This is, hand on heart, the easiest and best and most pleasant body modification experience I've ever had. I was dreading it after the bad experience I had last time, but I honestly couldn't have been more impressed with the studio. Very, very clean, well organised, friendly and approachable, and insistent that they were happy to help with any problems at all after a piercing. Absolutely everything a piercing studio should be, and as soon as this one's properly healed, I shall be right back there for my next!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Ash
Studio: Bodywork+Piercing+2
Location: Liverpool%2C+UK

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