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from pierced to 12mm in a week

OK, well two weeks ago now I was at a skate park doing the usual, and my friend came up to me and asked me if i wanted my ears pierced. I thought, why not, so he went around the skate park asking for a badge of someone. After getting the badge, he sterilized it by lighting a match under it and running it up and down, and also by dipping it in vodka. He then stuck the (sterilized) badge into my left ear. It was not painful at all, and was over very quickly. I left the badge pin in until I went out that night, where i borrowed one of my female friends ear rings. When I got home, it looked pathetic to me. And also, so many people had ear rings, it was not as original as I thought it would be.

The next day, I saw someone who had started to stretch their ears, to about 10 mm. I thought, "Wow, that looks awesome." Three days later i was in the same skate park again, when my friend came along with a taper. I borrowed the 4mm taper from him and got the same friend who pierced my ear. He pushed it to 2 mm, and it was painful. Very painful. However after the first 2 mm it easily went to 4 mm, I was quite suprised that there was only a mild burning sensation. I was very pleased with the result, so after a bit of walking around feeling like a man, I then compared my 4 mm to my friend with the 10 mm ears, and mine looked kinda pathetic.

All through the next week I was aching to go up another size, but I had read on the internet that you should only go up about 1 mm a month, which shocked me. I then looked at sites such as BME, and I saw that a lot of people went up in sizes quite quickly, so i decided that it would not be that bad, and even if i did split my ear, I would be able to warn other people!

The next friday, seven days after getting my ear pierced, i decided to go to up to 10 mm. I didn't think that anything bad would happen, and if my ear started to rip I could always notice and go back down to 4 mm. However, the local piercing shop was out of any 10mm tapers, but they had a 12 mm one. So I bought it, I mean it was only 2 extra milemeters, I thought what the hell. I could always go to 10 mm, turn the taper around and get the other side to 10 mm. The same friend stretched it to 10 mm, but after consulting with everyone else, pushed it into 12 mm. The whole process took about 10 minutes, and the taper went in smoothly. When you push it in, and twist, it will stretch your ear much easier. The stretch went perfect, I didn't get ANY splits, however I did have a huge blow out, but I was happy because I knew that would go down in a day or two.

However, the next day i went to remove the taper and put a flesh tunnel in, but i discovered my ear had split. there was a tear going upwards, so I borrowed my friends 8 mm and put that in. My ear was awful for the next few days. It bleed and pussed and was pretty much disgusting to look at. I didn't clean it for one day, and because at school I had to wear a plaster over it so the teachers did not notice, When I got home and took the plaster off, there was a scab all over the back of the flesh tunnel, covering it up. I had to rip that off, which meant that more blood and puss emerged, I took better care of my ear after that, I had twice daily salt soaks, and cleansed my ear with vodka once or twice. I took out the flesh tunnels to properly clean the inside of my ear (and the tunnels!) but i have been told that this was a bad idea. Unhappy that i downsized, after a couple of days, I death stretched to 10 mm, which was relatively easy as my ear had not closed around the 8 mm f ully since it was 12 mm. I am at 10 mm with a plastic tunnel at the moment. The plastic tunnel is doing wonders for my ear, and it is already much cleaner. When i go back to 12 mm, I may post again. The moral of the story? Don't keep your taper in, put a plug in straight away. When I stretch my other ear however, I am only going to go up in 2 mm intervals, because I do not want my ear lobe to fall off. I think I was actually quite lucky, because from 4 mm to 12 mm is quite a step up.

"Note: Vodka and a match do not sterilize."


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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