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Forward Helix

After I got my bridge pierced, I was ready to get another piercing almost right away, however, I knew it had to be somewhere either not noticeable, or on my ears, because seeing my dad's reaction to a facial piercing made me think that maybe I shouldn't get anymore for a little while. So, after searching on BME for a while, I was contemplating what I was going to get. I had thoughts on a snug, a tragus, a rook, and a vertical tragus, but in the end I kind of spontaneously decided that I wanted my daith pierced (yeah, I'm kind of spontaneous like that where I don't really know what I want until it's like, the day of the piercing or so).

The day I went to get it, me and two of my cousins, one older and one younger, hopped on the bus and went to the studio. When we got there, I told the piercer I wanted my daith done, which he didn't exactly know what that was, so I kept explaining it, and he called it an "upper tragus", so I was like okay, cool. I wasn't really expecting it to hurt much at all, so I sat down in the chair feeling pretty confident about what was about to happen. I mean, I got part of my nose done and had seven earrings at that point, so how bad could it be, right? Well, I was unfortunately mistaken quite badly. He proceeded to mark my ear, which I looked at and thought "okay, that's not gonna end up being a daith piercing", and was slightly confused with what it was going to look like, but hey, I'm not really extremely fussy; a piercing is a piercing, and it was in the general area that I wanted it anyway, so I decided to just go ahead with it after he explained to me that it was placed ri ght so that it wouldn't ever rip out (which the thought of it ripping out kind of concerned me).

A few seconds later, he got the cleaned equipment, and when I saw the needle I got a bit more nervous. But, at least I wasn't shaking like I was when I got my bridge done! As he put the needle to my ear and started applying pressure, I seriously couldn't believe how painful it was. And my pain tolerance is actually pretty high to be honest (no other piercing I had really hurt, and I self-did some of them), but I really was not expecting it to hurt that much. I cringed quite a bit and started biting my lip, and when I looked at my cousins, they were both turned away and cringing as well. When the needle was through, I was SO relieved that it was over. Getting the CBR through wasn't much of a big deal; it didn't hurt at all compared to the actual pierced part. When I looked in the mirror, I saw what I expected to see; a cool piercing that wasn't exactly a daith piercing, but wasn't exactly a helix piercing either. At least it's something a bit different that you don't s ee too often, but it's also not something I'm gonna get in trouble for either! To be honest though, it was definitely my most painful piercing ever (not that I have tons of piercings, with only nine ear ones and then my bridge, but still).

So, as for the healing process; not fun! I went to Canada's Wonderland (an amusement park for those of you who don't know) a few days later, and the pain I went through on some coasters because of how my ear hit against the restraints was NOT fun! My method of helping it heal was saline solution which I used for my bridge, but honestly, it's taking FOREVER to heal. I dunno if it's because of the initial beatings on the coaster that it got, or what, but it still hurts to sleep on, and it's been about two months. It also gets kinda crusty and bloody as well, and though I'm able to sleep on it, I can't apply like, direct pressure to it.

Overall though, I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. It was a painful piercing so if you don't enjoy pain, don't go for it, but if you want a cool looking piercing that's sort of a mix between a tragus and a helix, go for it! Definitely do not ever self do this piercing though; I self pierce my ears every once in a while, but I highly don't suggest this one because it does go through tons of cartiledge, and even when it's done by a professional who has done it for years, it hurt (it was only a sixteen gauge too, so the needle wasn't even that thick).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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