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“Fast” stretching to 1⁄2 - some useful experience for the amateur

I've been all my life attracted to piercings, but since I was studying at a private high school, had no piercings for a long time. So, when I decided to get my ears stretched, immediately after I graduated from high school, I had to stretch from scratch, and, let me tell you: this is quite scary.

First of all, you face the unknown, and no matter how much informed you are - and you REALLY should get some information – you cannot be prepared for this. Or, at least, I wasn't. Then, it is something you have to be really sure of, because, chances are, you ears will not come back completely if you decide to take off your tunnels. And there is also one more thing that I, sadly, did not know at the time; a piercing is exactly like a tattoo in the sense that, when you get one, you want more. And when you get bigger, you will still find it too small. At least, that is my case. But, never mind, I was mindless enough, and I brought my cash to my piercer, who told me all the information I needed. I asked him if it was possible to get to 0 tunnels in one session, and he told me that it was possible, but that it'd be really painful. Then, I just could not wait anymore and accepted to get stretched. Now, I had to choose the earrings, which is REALLY important for your healing and you r comfort in general. He told me that I should get o-rings tunnels, and he was somewhat right, but that did not work for me. So here is a piece of advice: never wear silicone, plastic, wood or cheap earrings the first time, it will be really uncomfortable and hinder the healing process and you don't want that because you will want to play with your ears as soon as possible. Thus, I recommend you earrings made of surgical steel. As for the type of earrings, O-rings were a total pain, and flared earrings fall off too easily. The conclusion: tunnels that need to be screwed are the best. They might be a little uncomfortable when you play with them, but you should not play with them anyway. They will not fall off at all! WOW!! Now that I chose the O-rings – what a mistake – I headed into the room.

My hands were shaking and my head was lying on the chair. He first had to create a hole so he decided to pierce a 8g through my left ear. But, man, it was painful like hell and my left ear should not go back to normal ever after. Luckily for me, he started the other ear with a smaller needle. So he continued with the left ear, he used taper after taper, and I could not do anything but breathe in. The right ear was actually not so bad (there were more tapers used). And I waited, trembling, for him to put my earrings on, which I was relatively painful, since it took him some time (5 minutes) to put the earrings on. I started to freak; the O-rings would not fit. And that is when my hate for O-rings started, though they do look really cool. So, finally, everything went well and I came back home, self-conscious of my new piercings and the lucky club I had just entered. But, when my dad noticed, he went on the worst rampage to this day. I was nearly kicked out.

So now, bedtime; I did not know how to sleep, my ears were so uncomfortable and I was scared to lie on my ears so as not to budge the O-rings. The next morning, everything was perfect, I was happy, so the next night, the same problem appeared. I convinced myself that it would go well, but it did not. I woke up without an earring and a bloody ear that, it seemed to me, narrowed a little. So, I just lost it; I was scared like hell, but finally but some hydrating lotion in my ear, washed my hands and my tunnel and put it through; the result was fine, except for the pain I felt. I had problems yet again to put on the O-rings. And I had to repeat this scene every other day, always hindering my sleep the night before. Then, finally, it happened; I lost my earring somewhere in my girlfriend's bed. I noticed it too late and we had an urgent appointment to go to, so I washed a pencil and put it through my ear; I looked like a fool, but I was sure that my ear would not shrink back, whi ch was the thing I wanted to avoid the most. That was Sunday, so I had to wait for the next day to go to the shop (it closes early the weekend). I bought some tunnels, screwed them on and everything went well for the rest of the year.

Until I could not resist to go back to the piercer and go from 0 to 1/2, which was yet again a big stretching session. I wanted the same piercer, since I knew that he was really good, despite my weird experience. And I got through the process really fast, took some nice black tunnels and waited on the chair for him to sterilize everything. That time, I remained calm for the rest of the process, and everything went well. My left ear hurt more than my right, but it was really nothing compared to the last time; being afraid must have heightened the pain, but now, it was really not so bad. I would actually go once in a while to feel that sort of pain, but that is somewhat out of subject. As for my healing process, my right ear was not bleeding, nor pissing pus out after 24 hours. Actually, it was relatively healed in 3 days. As for my left ear, it bled for the first hour, but ended up bleeding after 3 days, and it slowly came back to normal after 1 week and a half. I could sleep
well for the first day, thanks to my right ear.

As for my conclusion, I will tell you some things you should ponder about. First, be really sure you want those piercings; they sure do look rad, but there is a price to pay for it. Moreover, you should definitely stretch them slowly, once every 2 months, unlike what I did. Then, the 'famous' DIY idea, to me, is pure folly. It is dangerous and you are not professional piercers; your ears will not be centered and such. The process will be way more painful. I know one person who cannot wear his tunnels anymore because he pierced them himself; after wearing for a long time a gigantic blowout instead of a tunnel, he got bored of it. Yet, the blowout is not leaving so fast. Just be careful and, if you ever go to a professional piercer, shop him; make sure he is good and that his instruments are sterilized.

And I love my piercings, : I would never go back, no matter how pessimist I might have seemed. I am actually already thinking of going bigger after only 2 weeks. I'd like to go for 8mm bigger, but that is another story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Simon
Studio: Paradoxe
Location: Quebec+City

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