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My conch piercing was my first major piercing. Prior to it, I had had my earlobes done three times each, had a septum piercing, and a ribcage tattoo. Needless to say I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to get both conches done at the same time until someone reminded me of the fact that I would have great difficulty sleeping.


First came the convincing of the parents. I am old enough to get pierced without their permission, but after doing that once (septum) I decided that it would probably be better to ask first. Anyways, they both have a bunch of tattoos so they're pretty liberal with that sort of thing. My dad asked a girl at his work who has her conches pierced about them and she advised me not to get both done at once, for it would be difficult to sleep. Anyways, after all that was done (and after I had went and read a ton of experiences and watched a few videos of the piercing, and also read every single thing that could possibly go wrong with the piercing), I was ready.

My parents drove me downtown, and I went to eat a decent sized lunch prior. I then met up with a friend who had had her rook and helix pierced at Universal who highly recommended it to me. We went in and I chose my jewellery (a barbell – I had read that these heal better and had it confirmed later by the piercer), filled out the proper form, paid, and read over an aftercare sheet while waiting with my friend. The wait was quite short which was nice because by this point I was sort of nervous.


Angela showed me the needle and barbell, in their sterilized packages. She went over the procedure with me and then marked my ear. She got a perfect spot the first time (I think she had like 3 conch piercings herself :] ). She then put on gloves and swabbed the area (I think she used iodine? I forgot to ask). Then she placed a small blue cork behind my ear, had me look straight ahead and breathe deeply, and then slid the needle in. I had expected the pain to be considerably higher, but I would say it hurt less than my septum, which even then was quite mild. She then advised me that she would be putting the barbell in, and that the friction would feel a little odd. That it did. Again, it didn't actually hurt per se so much as felt quite strange. This is probably due to adrenaline. She then screwed the ball on, which was a little difficult but it wasn't terribly painful. After that was completed she put some green stuff on my ear – hospital green solution or something. Anyways
it feels cool and was quite lovely. The entire experience probably took about 10 minutes maximum. I'll attempt to rate the pain here. I would say that it isn't actually that painful during the actual piercing process. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is blunt force amputation and 5 is an awful toe stub, I would rate it at about 5.5. I think that the adrenaline you get from the piercing nulls the majority of the pain, but! This piercing seems to be quite sore afterwards.


Upon leaving the store, the wind on my ear felt quite unpleasant. My friend laughed and told me it was the same for her, so not to worry. I then proceeded to go to a local mall and shop around for new earrings for the rest of my piercings – unfortunately I couldn't find any rings in the size for my new piercing – 14g. I was at Claire's, by the way, and this is probably why. Not the best place to go for that sort of thing. Anyway my ear didn't feel too bad at all during our little excursion, it just throbbed a little. As I headed home about 45 minutes later my ear started to feel somewhat sore and was quite red according to my mother. I was concerned that perhaps Angela had hit a blood vessel, which was very unfounded as I'm sure it would have hurt considerably more during the actual procedure, and additionally I have translucent skin so she definitely would have seen if there was one. Anyways, for the next couple of days my ear was quite sore. I cleaned it religiously, so the pain was primarily due to my being a wuss with any sort of dull pain. I clean my ear three times a day: once with Spectro Derm in the shower and twice with Bactine. I find that if you move the barbell around after spraying Bactine on it, this is quite unpleasant as it will sting. Moving the barbell around during cleaning for the first few days hurt. I won't lie; it made my eyes water. So did the Monday after when during a French test I subconsciously went to pull my hair behind my ear and I gently bumped it. Sleeping the first night wasn't too bad, I woke up a couple of times because I accidentally rolled over onto the piercing side. On the second day I did a sea salt soak, which felt absolutely wonderful and removed all of the throbbing pain. I have done two soaks (check BME encyclopaedia for the procedure) and they made my ear feel so much better. Last night I was able to semi-sleep on the side with the piercing, it is still a little sore to do that but I can definitely s ee the improvement.

To conclude I would say that this is actually not that bad of a piercing to get. The pain of the piercing itself is minimal but afterwards be prepared for it to be quite sore. This goes away in a couple of days and then you'll be left with a gorgeous new piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Angela
Studio: Universal+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Ottawa%2C+ON

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