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Why not to be tempted by cheap piercers

Okay, so I've never, ever, EVER considered EVER going to a mall piercer before. I KNOW it's stupid, and I KNOW that it probably won't end well... however, KNOWING all of this, I still made the stupid and went and got punctured at Cosmetics Plus. Please don't judge, I'm adding this as an account of a piercing gone wrong.

I have five piercings - used to be six, but I retired my labret - and all of them were done in a highly professional studio here in Cairns. I LOVE Cairns Tattoo and Body Piercing. They know their stuff, truly. I just never quite realized what good piercing experiences I'd had until I had a bad one.

SO, my story...

One day I was walking through the mall by myself, just chillin', and in my meanderings I happened to walk past Cosmetics Plus, with their 2metre (6ft) sign advertising $35 piercings. I've walked past that sign a million times and never have I once been tempted. I don't know what happened this time...

Without a single thought I walked in and asked if they could pierce my Tragus. Now, I'd never before considered having my Tragus pierced. I don't know how it came to me to ask for that particular piercing, but I did and they said yes, and that they had an opening in a half hour. So I paid and waited. I rang Mom to tell her, and she told me our friend (who had her tragus pierced) said it hurt like the fires of hell, so I freaked out and started having second thoughts... or... first thoughts, maybe. It took a while, but I calmed down, and I chatted happily to a couple who were getting their lip(s?) pierced, and liked their take on the piercer (they were happily modded, so for some reason I trusted their judgement). So my turn came along and I sat on the stupid bed/chair thing, and was unnerved by its rickety-ness. The woman was very nice, and when I asked her how long she'd been piercing she said three years, and that before that she'd been a nurse. So, I trusted her. I got mar ked up, and she had me lay down. She was, I'll admit, quite professional, and the piercing itself, contrary to all I'd been told, barely hurt at all. She put on the clamps (which didn't hurt) and pushed the needle through POP. She spoke calmly the whole time, telling me what she was doing. Here's where it went wrong. She put in the jewelry. Stupid number 1.

I have very sensitive skin, I cannot wear anything except QUALITY surgical stainless steel in a healing piercing (or 18 karat gold, but here in Australia it's as expensive as hen's teeth). The mediocre quality of the jewelry, and bad healing advice, has led to a rather nasty bump developing around the piercing. A bump which has prevented me changing the damned jewelry, which has resulted in me having to baby the damned thing.

Lavender oil solution has never done me wrong, it's what I was given by my other piercer for all of my other piercings, and not once did I EVER get an infection. However, for my Tragus I deigned to use self-mixed saltwater solution. Stupid number 2. Stupid. BI-IG stupid. For all of you out there who plan on mixing your own saline solution, whatever you do, DON'T pre-mix a jar and just use that for however long. Just, don't. Learn from my stupidity. It loses its cleanness (or whatever) and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

When I finally came out of denial and admitted I had a problem, I came on the interwebs and searched and searched for a solution to my problem. Eureka! Two hours later, I had a surefire solution (well... probably...) and I knew what I'd done wrong (my jar of saltwater).

I'm now swabbing on a Lavender oil solution morning and night. After the Lavender oil, I swab on pure Tea Tree oil. It's strong stuff, but they're both renowned for their antiseptic qualities, and it seems to be working. The icky bump is receding, and the infection seeps out during my cleaning (that's a nice way of saying the pus is oozing out now, instead of just welling up inside).

I've never had an infection this bad before, so I'm going to the doctor's on wednesday for some meds. My Mom is my Mod guru. She tells me that when she got her nose pierced umpteen years ago she went to the doctor at the first sign of infection and told him she'd prefer not to take the piercing out, and what could she do about the infection? They gave her some antibiotics (and probably a headshake) and it cleared up. Hopefully the same will go for me.

Please, learn from my mistakes, go to a PROFESSIONAL piercing parlour, take PROPER care of your piercing, and take your piercing SERIOUSLY from the beginning; otherwise you're likely to find infection setting in and, let me tell you, it's NOT fun...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Cosmetics-friggin-plus
Location: Cairns%2C+Queensland+-+Australia

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Friday, September 21, 2012 @1:02 a.m.
I have had nearly all my peircing done at cosmetics plus, and they are all fine and have never been infected. You fucked up by not telling her you had sensitive skin, and mixing your own solution was dumb as you said - so don't blame "cheap peircers" like cosmetics plus for your cock up.

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