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Vertical Tragus report

So, I'd wanted a new piercing in my ear for a while and started looking around at what I could have done. I already had a horizontal tragus in my left ear, and an industrial, and at first I was toying with a conch but then I came across the vertical tragus on BME and I knew I had to have it in my right, as I really love vertical piercings!

I have vertically pierced nipples and I like the way the vertical tragus sits in the ear with the balls at the top and bottom, so I contacted a piercer I'd used before called Baawo to ask him if he would do it. He asked me to clarify what I wanted done, a vertical tragus; through the tragus itself or an anti-tragus; a surface piercing on the side of the face by the tragus. I knew what I wanted and I definitely wanted the vertical going down through my tragus.

I booked an appointment and cycled up to Diamond Jacks in Soho to see him, he'd changed a lot since I last saw him, and I didn't recognise him at first. Once he'd checked my ear to see that I was suitable for the piercing he told me I would be only the 3rd person he'd done this piercing on as it was really quite rare, which surprised me a bit! I hadn't seen that many of them when I was looking for pictures of it online so should have guessed there were reasons, mainly the difficulty of performing this piercing! I totally trusted Baawo though, he pierced my nape with fantastic results a few years ago and I know 100 percent he would never do anything he wasn't sure about. He talked me through the piercing and explained that it would take a little longer than my horizontal tragus because there was so much cartilage to go though, and that it would of course hurt more, but that taking a little longer over things was the best way to be as he didn't want to slip and ruin the placeme nt. At this point I started worrying and sweating a bit I'm embarrassed to admit, I was totally bricking it! I asked him if it was really gonna hurt, he said it will sting but he'd be as quick as he could. I tried my hardest to bottle it but he would not let me buckle and I'm so glad he carried on, if he'd asked me 'are you sure you want this done?' at this point I would've said no as I was so nervous!

So...onto the piercing itself. He asked me to sit down on the piercing couch, and took a long time marking up the piercing and getting it exactly right until he was happy with it, he rubbed the pen off a few times and I was pleased he took his time over it. Once he was happy with how he'd marked up the piercing, we checked together in the mirror that I was happy with the placement, and he showed me the banana bar that he was going to use. I lay on the couch and turned onto my left side, I shut my eyes at this point as I could see what he was doing in the mirror and I know that I don't like watching, so I took a very deep breath as I'd been taught to countless times before and as I breathed out he started the piercing. It did hurt, I'm not going to lie, I took maybe four or five breaths in all for him to get the needle through and I could feel the adrenalin was racing round my body. He asked me if I was ok and I said 'yeh, yeh I'm ok actually, it hurts but it's not as much as I' d worried myself'. The pain wasn't a crying or sharp pain; it was more a long ache, and it hurt much less than my rook piercing! I knew the worst bit was coming, inserting the jewellery. He used a micro banana bar and was ever so quick at inserting the jewellery, so it wasn't too bad. I was relived it was all done, I only wish I hadn't been such a big baby about the pain!!

Looking in the mirror it looked really cool, and so different! I've had it done two weeks now and just do daily salt soaks with ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of boiled water. It seems to be healing fine, no bumps or lumps, of course it's sore if I whack it, and I still have to be careful how I sleep. Overall, it was a fantastic piercing experience and I would recommend Baawo to anyone who wants this unusual piercing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Baawo
Studio: Diamond+Jacks
Location: Soho+London

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