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The anticipation is worse than the piercing!

I'm just a normal guy.

That's a little lie; I'm actually just a normal gay guy, who has always had something of an interest in piercings ranging from the mundane though to the obscure. My interest was only ever that though; and although I often thought about getting something simple pierced, perhaps just my ear, I knew I would never actually ask my mum if I could! I'm sure plenty of people have been there...

Anyway, I left home and went to Uni; discovered BMEzine, and explored the vast array of possibilities available. I was free to do as I wanted without parents looking over my shoulder, and that seemed like an ideal opportunity for a piercing.

I used to walk back and forth past at least two piercing establishments on may way to and from work, and one day I threw myself in through the door of one of them on my way home, and blurted out to the lady behind the counter 'I want my nipple pierced please'. I have no idea where that came from!? The experience is best saved for another time, but in summary I eventually had to remove it as I was undertaking some fairly physical sports and it wasn't healing.

It was some three years later that I walked into Lucid on a Saturday afternoon and asked if they could pierce the 'top of my ear'. For some reason I was nervous - I had butterflies in my stomach as I entered the shop which is daft really because I knew it wouldn't hurt much, I'm sure I was more worried about people seeing it and what they would think.

I think the decision to get the piercing was partly down to the fact that I had started a new job, and felt that as a fairly straight-acting gay man, I needed some way of expressing my sexuality.

I didn't really matter why I was there though - because there I was; being asked to sit on a bench, and then which ear I wanted done. "The left please" I responded; for some reason I was still nervous and shaking a little.

Lucid was a small shop down a back alley which wasn't much of a through-road. I think I chose it because for some reason I didn't want people to see me going in there, but also because it seemed somewhat friendlier than the other places in Southampton. Besides performing piercings, it stocked a wide range of jewellery, and also sold a range of funky club gear (loads of bright neon stuff) as well as gig and club night tickets for local venues. I think piercer was the owner of the place, although I don't know that for sure, and unfortunately I don't think I caught his name.

When I started writing this, I was under the impression that Lucid had since closed down (disappointing as I was hoping to get my nipple done again there) however a brief search on the internet suggests that they may just have moved to a different unit. I don't know whether or not they still do piercings though... I shall have to investigate!


I let the piercer decide on the placement, as I trusted his professional opinion of what would look best, however I was a little bit surprised with how quick he got stuck in!

One minute he is reaching for my ear, the next the needle is through, and within seconds the ring is in place. Throughout all of this the only feeling I got from my ear was a sensation similar to that of being scratched. It certainly wasn't painful at this point, and I was surprised it was all done. I seem to remember I took a quick look in a mirror, nodded in approval and then paid the chap – which was difficult because my hands were still shaking a bit at this point.

I told the piercer that I didn't really need any aftercare advice, as I was obviously fairly aware from my previous piercing, and of course from reading this site, about the necessity of keeping it clean etc. That said, I did find it fairly tricky to clean as it's very difficult to salt-water soak the top of your ear!! Even a paper towel soaked in saline solution wasn't hugely practical, so maybe I should have asked him for some advice!

Having paid and left, I was walking home when it really started to hurt! It was properly throbbing, and I remember popping into a newsagent to pick up some paracetamol!

The real pain was over that day, but for quite a while it was painful to touch, and after 6 months it didn't seem to be anywhere near healing. There was a lump of hard skin forming around the piercing despite regular cleaning, and in then end I decided to remove it.

I certainly enjoyed the experience though - and was relieved that the reaction from my friends and colleagues was entirely positive!. I never


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Location: Southampton

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