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sup tragus!

I've always wanted my tragus pierced, but the morning a few years ago when i went to get it, I chickened out and didn't end up getting it. I watched my friend get hers pierced with a gun, which I would never even think of, and she said even that hurt so I couldn't even imagine what it would be like with a needle. After that I just kind of forgot about it, except the times I've walked past people who had them, thought about how amazing they looked. But I'd started thinking about it more, finally got a job so I could pay for it, and I started reading about peoples stories getting them. Most people had talked about how much they hurt, and I'm the biggest sook when it comes to getting pierced.

Despite what other people had said, I decided I'd go on Thursday to get it pierced. Disappointed, I got told yesterday I had to work on Thursday cause their wasn't enough people to work. I didn't have to work today though(Wednesday) and had nothing to do, so I decided I'd go down to get it.

I was hoping my piercer would be there, he's really friendly and mad to talk to, but i was stuck with the old guy, no offence to him hahah. But I decided to get it letting him do it seeing as I was already in there. Knowing me, if I would of left and waited for my piercer another day, I'd be too scared to go back again. after all these piercings I'm still soo scared to get them haha. He'd done my Monroe a few weeks ago and I didn't think he was that great a piercer, but then again, he's pierced a lot of my friends and did a good job on them.

Well anyway, I walked into the room, told him what I wanted, and after talking to him about what would be easier and how much it was I decided I'd get a ring in there, just cause it was easier to clean. He got all the things out ready, which this time took longer then it usually would, he seemed to be stuffing around and trying to find things and take everything out to get ready.

I love Jazz U Up, it's one the best piercing place I've been to, and its pretty cheap compared to what I've heard about other places, and its clean and all.

Everyone had been telling me it was gonna hurt, so I prepared for the worst. He marked me, I went over to check it was in a good spot, I decided it was probably the best spot it could get in, so I went back to sit down. He raised the chair up, got the needle out and put the clamps on ready to pierce it. The clamps on this piercing were easier then any other I've had, I could hardly feel them I was so supprised at that haha. He had the needle there and was ready to pierce it, but of course, I got scared and made him pull them back. A few more minutes to get ready for it, and I was pretty sure I was ready. Plus, he was staring at me and making me feel uncomfortable hahah. I had my eyes closed and was so scared, I felt the needle go through and was pretty much like like =|. I couldn't believe that was it, after all the stories I've heard about it being the most painful piercing. It was so easy! It was a small pinch, but that was all.

Well, now for the worst part. He stuffed around for a few minutes getting the ring and whatever it was he was doing, when he walked back over he spent about five minutes trying to get it in, I was kind of getting worried about what he was doing, cause GOD it hurt and the ring wasn't even in yet. He walked over the other side of the room and back for another five minutes of whatever it was he was doing. Finally, he got the ring in. And after all the piercings I've had, that hurt more then any, except nipple, which is a completely different story haha. Wow I was relieved that that was finally in. Oh but then for the ball on it. He spent ANOTHER five minutes trying to get that in, and at one point it slipped and hit my ear. OUCH.

Well after all that, he was FINALLY done and let me go have a look. I loved it =) it looked a little far down but I didn't mind, I was glad I finally had it pierced and it still looked pretty nice.

So I paid and left. Its only been a few hours, but its still a pretty good piercing, hardly any pain. Except when I forgot about it and answered the phone and hit it, that hurt =( advice for if you get it, watch out haha.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: graham+i+think+his+name+was%3F
Studio: jaz+u+up
Location: campbelltown

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