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My Right Tragus.

Well hey there. :) As a lot of kids my age (I am thirteen right now, turning fourteen on October thirteenth) my mom is strict on the piercings I get right now and I can not explain to her how cute it will work or anything. So I always have to do them myself. I use to be able to pierce anything on my body but lately I have not had all that much guts so when I do pierce things on me, it's not some stupid thing I've just thought I'd do. I look up a lot before I actually pierce something or even think about it. And usually when I do them myself, I never keep them for more then a week. But I've officially pierced something, and kept it. I pierced my tragus, on my right side.

I did it all on a whim though. I was at my friends house, and her older sister had hers done. So I got some info from her and decided to pierce it that night. My friend's sister gave me a piercing earring which was a normal earring just really sharp on the end of it. My and my friend put it in some Claire's earring stuff and left it in there for a few hours. When I finally worked up the nerve to do it (I'm slightly scared of piercing myself) I ran into a problem, I couldn't pierce it! My hand wouldn't fit or something and it was very difficult to pierce it. So I called my friend over, asked her to pierce it (more like, "pierce it now." Haha :]) and she refused. My friend said that she did not want to hurt me or that she might mess it up.

So I just tried myself a few times, and I poked little holes in my ear that began to bleed a bit (like dabs). Then I tried piercing my left side, it was more accessible but I gave up. But finally, after a lot of talking, she grabbed the earring and started pushing her way through my cartridge. When it was all the way through, it actually didn't hurt. When it was actually getting pierced though, it did hurt a bit. It was not as painful as I thought it would be. I wore my hair down; making sure my mom could not see anything. For the first two/three days, I kept the earring I pierced it with in. but then I switched it to a ring like 14g? I am not exactly sure. Mistakenly I switched the ring a lot into different rings and one clear 12g long post stud. It did hide my piercing a little, but I had lost the little plastic ring that goes to the front so I had to switch it around so the back was actually in the front.

At a first glance, you could not see it, but somehow, my sister saw it. I had to bribe my sister for a few days so that she would not tell my mom. The first few days I had difficult sleeping on my right side, but I got over it. It was also very swollen. I cleaned it twice a day with Claire's earring cleaner and a little of rubbing alcohol here and there. I think it was swollen because it was infected, but it's definitely not swollen anymore. :) But sooner or later, my mom found out (she did this random ear inspection) and she was first threatening to take it out, but she let me keep it. I think she let me keep it because she knows she likes it.

The only problem with rings though is that you can wear iPod head phones (etc). And it's difficult to clean your ears. Like the second week I've had my tragus I switched it with a short post stud, which is amazingly comfortable and I can wear head phones now. It is a 14g I believe. And in my personal view, I think its super cuter then a ring. Right at this moment, I think it's very close to healing. It is not swollen anymore and I can play with it and it doesn't hurt. I still clean it everyday though, just to make sure. :) A lot of kids at my school love my piercing. I get complements on it all the time, so instead of some of the annoyance of when you have to it in your ear there is a medal sticking out of your tragus, I keep it in just because it is different and look great. But one unfortunate thing about my piercing is that it's pierced to close to the edge, like it should have been pierced inside more. Oh well, I still love it!

I am also piercing my left tragus soon too, to make it look equal. So I will see how that goes.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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