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My Ear Scalpelling Experience

I have been fascinated by stretched ears ever since the first time I laid eyes on them. I saw them on myspace and bme, but for a while almost strictly on the internet. It wasn't until about a year or two ago that I began seeing people that I knew that had started stretching their ears, my small home city of Oneida isn't exactly known for it's diversity. I decided about a year ago that I would begin stretching my own ears, I had wanted them for myself ever since I first saw them.

I had my ears pierced when I was younger and I already had some partially closed 20g piercings just sitting there. I figured I would just start stretching them, I wasn't very educated on how much of an effect the position of the piercing has on how well the ears stretch. As most other teenagers, I was very impatient at the time and went from about a 20g piercing to 1/2" in three or four months. I do not condone impatience in stretching in any way, I strongly recommend that anyone starting to do this take their time as it is very rewarding in the end.

At this time I found myself at about 1/2" with my lobes thinning on the bottom, I downsized to about a 00g. I started looking for alternatives in terms of piercing positional correction, and easier ways to stretch. I stumbled upon ear scalpelling on BME and how much success some of the submitters had by doing this. I was very hesitant about turning to scalpelling to correct my ears and get to my goal size of 1". A friend of mine had just turned 18 and was getting a tattoo done at Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse and I had gone with him to watch. I talked to a tattoo artist from there named Rick, he explained to me how he had his ears scalpelled because he also had a problem with ear lobe thinning. His ears looked at about 1 1/2" and they were healthy, he directed me to John Joyce.

I had a conversation with John while my friend was getting his tattoo done. After a couple minutes of conversation he had explained how the procedure goes, how much it would cost, and what he could do for me. I have never heard of or spoken to a dissatisfied customer that dealt with John and I knew that if I was going to go through with this that he would be just the right person to go to. A month or so went by and my birthday came around, I am 18 now and after thinking it through for a couple weeks I decided that I would go through with it.

I'm not exactly known for taking pain very well, and I was very hesitant and nervous about going through with this. After I turned 18 I spoke with John and he assured me that if I wanted to have this done and it doesn't hurt very much. John told me that he would most likely be able to cut my 7/16" ears to about 5/8". My goal size is 1" however Rick had told me that his ears got very stretchy after they had healed and he easily got to the size that he was at at the time. With the help of two of my close friends I worked up the courage to go in the shop and make my appointment. Two days ago I showed up at Scarab with my two friends for my appointment at Scarab with my two friends.

I came in the shop, spoke with John, and he told me that he would go set up and that he would be right back. I started filling out the forms and began to get very nervous. John called me into the back and told me to have a seat. He began to mark my ears and was talking me through the procedure and after care, he said he would be making two cuts because it wasn't possible to do it all in one motion. He also told me that his apprentice would be assisting him. The time finally came, I laid down and he told me that he was going to clamp my ears to help with the cutting. He told me that I would take 3 deep breaths and on the third exhale he would begin cutting. On the third exhale I closed my eyes and he started working through the ear, the feeling of the cutting wasn't exactly what I expected. The cutting was a very warm, awkward feeling but before I knew it he was finished with the cutting and told me that he would be able to fit 11/16" jewelry in very easily and we agreed on th at size.

After the first cut I couldn't really feel anything, I actually didn't even know that he had tapered my ear and put the jewelry in. I was now ready for the next ear. The next ear, which was my right one, was always my healthier ear and this was apparent because the cut was longer and hurt a little more. After he finished the final cut and got the jewelry in, he cleaned me up and talked to some more about aftercare and how well the cuts went. When I got up and looked in the mirror I was stoked, for much less pain than I had expected I went about three sizes larger than I was before. I went out and payed and I was ready to be on my way.

When I got home, the first night of sleeping was very difficult the ears started dripping blood and my pillow was covered in blood when I woke up in the morning. I dripped blood for about 30 hours and then they finally stopped and are now beginning to heal. Although my ears are not fully healed yet, I am quite satisfied with the outcome. I strongly recommend seeing John Joyce for this procedure if you live in the area.


submitted by: charlesincharge
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: John+Joyce
Studio: Scarab+Body+Arts
Location: Syracuse%2C+NY

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