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Helix? I only wanted my nose pierced!

Hi All ~

In June 2008 I decided that I had to get my nose pierced. That was the only piercing I wanted to get so once it was done I would be happy. Right. Well I went and got my nose pierced by Stephanie at Sacred Heart Tattoo and Piercing in Vancouver, BC, and I absolutely love it. You can read about that story in BME under the heading Fear into Joy – a piercing experience, June 2008 section. Suffice it to say that it was a very good experience. She is amazing. The research I had done on BME had given me an idea of what to expect but it turned out even better. No red eyes, no reflex tears and best of all no pain. It was all too perfect. So perfect in fact that it led me to want the next piercing.....a helix.

(To interject here – to all that read my other experience...I did somewhat get a lecture from my parents regarding my nose stud but it was short lived and once I told them that I had done my research first and that I could take it out and it wouldn't leave a crater in my face the size of the grand canyon they never brought it up again. In fact it was kind of funny to hear my Dad say "what is that on your nose.....is that pierced?" I wasn't even sure he knew what a piercing was. Love my Daddy. Mommy too. I guess at 42 they figured it wasn't much use as they couldn't do anything about it anyway. They did make it clear however that they didn't really approve...different generation for sure. I got more of a reaction from my older sister who told me I was supposed to be old enough to not make stupid decisions. Hah!)

So, back to the Helix. After having my nose done and it being such an easy thing, I of course thought about the only other place that I may want to get pierced, my right Helix. After that for sure I would be happy and not want any more. You see, I have three lobe holes in my left ear and only one on the right so I figured if I got a helix on the right it would balance things out more (my nose is pierced on the right too, so three on one side, three on the other). The idea nagged at me while I was visiting my parents in August so the day after I got back I went in to get it done. I was already going back to the studio to get a different nose stud and figured I might as well do the helix at the same time.

As usual, I hit BMI to read about the experiences of others who had gotten this piercing and look at the pics to see the way different placements looked. A lot of writers warned that it hurt badly because it was cartilage, but I reasoned that so was my nose and that didn't hurt, so how bad could it be.

The next day inevitably came, so after work I headed off to the piercing studio with a girl from the office. We walked down to the Nelson Street location of Sacred Heart Tattoo and Piercing in Vancouver so I could once again have Stephanie pierce me. She had done such a good job on my nose that I couldn't even imagine going to anyone else. She changed off my nose jewel and then prepped for the Helix piercing. People, no matter what you think the pain will be like there is always a bit of mixed anxiety and excitement to get pierced and I felt it. I sat on the freshly cleaned chair/table and watched her get out the sterilized, packaged instruments and jewelry.....everything but the needle. As before, my plan was to lie down, shut my eyes hold my friends hand and when the jewelry was in, my friend would tell me it was all done. No needle viewing, no blood, no chance of fainting (yes truly a wimp at heart).

I told Stephanie where I wanted the jewelry, she cleaned and marked my ear and I laid on the table. The breathing began and I knew the needle approachith. I felt a small prick (no, not one of those...the needle) as she lined the needle with the marking...you know the rest...big breath in...then exhale...bang...it was through...pressure...just putting in the jewelry...Over. Again, no pain. Steph...you are amazing. It looked great...and no blood - bonus!

The only pain caused by the piercing came when I forgot about it later that night and mashed my head into a couch and when I woke up on it a few times. After a few weeks, sleeping on it didn't hurt anymore either. FYI - I did find that if I really had to sleep on that side that if you take two pillows and create a hole between them and put your ear in the hole it works great.

Cleaning was easy – salt water soak and rinse every night for a week or so then every other night thereafter. Same program as with my nose. I find if things swell up or you start getting a little hypertrophic scarring, if you put a chamomile tea bag on it that was soaked in the salt water solution for a few minutes it works wonders and if the skin gets dry, you just put on a little emu oil. None of my piercings have had any discharge or blood and they looked perfect from the start – also, of course, the sign of a good piercer.

After I got my helix pierced I went to visit my parents again but didn't fear another "talking to" as my hair covered it. I am sure they would be wondering why at this stage of life that I decided to start putting holes in myself. Truth is that I found a lump in one of the girls and when it turned out to be nothing but a cyst I vowed that if something came up that I wanted to do, I would do it as you never know what life holds and you only get one shot at it (at least this time around – jury's still out on reincarnation).

It has been a month now and low and behold I have reasoned that another Helix on the right, below the first, may be in order.....that way I will have three on each ear and one in the middle (nose). That may just be another story in the making. I have heard that piercing is addictive, nah, it couldn't be.....

Thanks all for reading. If you need a good piercer and are in the Vancouver area, I highly recommend that you look up Stephanie at Sacred Heart. She is fab, easy to talk to and so far, gives perfect, painless piercings.

Cheers and happy holes to all!



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on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Stephanie
Studio: Sacred+Heart+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Nelson+Street+Studio%2C+Vancouver%2C+BC

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