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freshly stretched goodness

Before I begin, here is a little about myself. My name is Kaitlin and I am sixteen. My lobes are at 5/8g and I still have not yet completed all the body modifications I desire. I plan on stretching up to 1 inch and beyond, and piercing my own septum. I come from a town full of walking cliches, awful trends and all around normality. Those circumstances do not really influence most people to consider body modification. In my case, I hate the

idea of conformity. I am completely fascinated with body modification, but it was not always like that.

I've had standard 14g lobes ever since I was an infant. To this day, I cannot stand the idea that my parents had my ears gunned against my will; being that I was a baby and could not speak for myself. By the time I was 15, I was not old enough to pierce anything else, so stretching my standard piercing was the way to go! Since there was no one at my school with stretched lobes, and most people found it morbid and disgusting, I was not very educated about the process. I decided to stretch with my own moronic method, leaving me with pathetic lobes at this day and age.

At the age of 13 or so, I had seen very few people with stretched lobes. I adored the look of it, but had not considered stretching my self. Two years later, being so poorly informed and about 15 years old, I proceeded to the mall and headed straight for Hot Topic (typical). I had no idea what I was looking for and assumed I would just buy plugs and shove them in dry. I bought a pair of 2g black silicone plugs, believing they would fit because of how stretchy my ears were in the first place. I figured that because the heavy

standard earrings I had worn in the past loosened up the holes. Of course, to my surprise they did not budge, so I just gave up stretching for a while.

After becoming seriously impatient, I went back to Hot Topic in search of the proper way to stretch. One of the employees recommended 12g pinchers, and though I felt pretty stupid after realizing my mistake, I left the store eager to stretch up! Being the moron that I truly am, I called it gauging and said I was looking for gauges. I am embarrassed to this day for not knowing the correct terms! In time I figured it out, but it is hard to correct people without sounding arrogant.

And so, I continued to stretch, buying the next size up of tapers, every couple weeks. A few sizes later, short of money and patience, at about 00g, I was looking for new ways to stretch. I tried markers, makeup brushes, paint brushes, multiple bobby pins, and even rolled up dollar bills. Since I was terribly cheap, using money to stretch was contradicting. Keep in mind that none of those methods actually worked, and none of these materials could even be sterilized. Soon, after saving up some cash, I purchased 7/16g tapers and a set of 9/16g plugs online. Of course they did not actually fit, but after months of just pulling and tugging at my plugs, the tapers had slid in! Once again, after becoming impatient and short of money, I tried stretching with other random objects for a second time and failed miserably. Willing to give it another try, I bought a new pair of silicone plugs, which were really a miracle for fitting.

Ever since purchasing those silicone plugs, they've been my main stretching technique. I would buy the next size I wanted, and just tug at the plugs until they were ready to stretch. Then I would lube the next size up with Neosporin, fold them, and just shove them in. The end result was freshly stretched goodness!

So, in conclusion, the result of being too cheap to buy tapers has left me with thin, pathetic, 5/8g lobes. I have learned from my mistakes, and now realize that patience is necessary in terms of body modification. My advice is, if you decide to start stretching, you have to be willing to invest in tapers, plugs, and some kind of lube! Neosporin works just fine. It is not only a lube, but it helps heal your lobes faster, so either way it is pure win!

One more piece of advice is, if you plan on stretching your piercing, you should educate yourself first; as in the terms, the risks, and jewelry materials. It is not simply a fashion statement, mind you. It is a ritual, a commitment, and a self-exploring experience. You will learn a lot about your body and its limits. In the end it is really beneficial. People may think it is disgusting, or abnormal, but what is normal anyways? It is believed that people with body mods have to work twice as hard in life to be accepted. Though, this is somewhat true, it is completely worth it.

Good luck to all of you who plan to stretch!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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