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Couldn't Have Gone Better

My friend Allison and I had been itching to get pierced for the past few weeks and had been researching back and forth during our work days on which direction to go. After reading a few stories online and looking at Google Images for a solid few hours, we both decided on getting our tragus(es) done. We both felt they were a flattering and unique mod that could be both noticeable but not overwhelming for a first needle-piercing experience.

I'm an avid user of the networking site Nexopia, so I browsed the Ethical Safe Body Modification forum for advice on a reputable shop in Edmonton. After reading several posts by both employees and happy customers, I landed on the Strange City website and was pleased with the information they offered, as well as the fact that they sold high quality jewelry and were known for high quality work. Both Allison and I had previously been through bad experiences in bad shops, we knew it was important to find a place that was one of the best.

I called and booked an appointment for the next day and read up on the pre-procedures. Both of us had been through gun-applied piercings several times and I had sat though a tattoo a few years ago, so we were anxious but knew what to expect. We ate lunch a few hours before the appointment and went down ten minutes early to fill out the necessary forms.

Upon arriving, we were both comforted and pleased by friendly artists and a beautiful shop. Ryan greeted us at the front counter and was super friendly and not at all intimidating. After all the paperwork was done, we picked our jewelry and then (on the spot) asked if we could also have Helix piercings as well. Ryan was more than open to the suggestion and quoted us prices. Then, he prepped and then took us to the back, where he verbally walked us through the care, healing and cleaning procedure and assured us of any fears we had regarding pain or piercing complications. He then washed his hands and got down to business.

Allison went first at Ryan's suggestion (as she was more nervous than I was) and he patiently marked her ears for both the Tragus and the Helix until she was completely satisfied. He reassured her once more, washed up several times, cleaned her ears, washed up again and had her down on the table. After telling her to breathe deep - she inhaled and in went the needle into her tragus. I didn't want to psych myself out so I wasn't watching very closely, but I did hear the needle go through the cartilage. Ryan quickly put the jewelry in, telling her each step of the process he was taking, and then it was over! Allison admitted that it barely hurt at all - just a pinch and some pressure, and then turned her head for her Helix. Ryan went through the same procedure and it was over before she knew it.

My turn was up next and I was a little nervous, but Ryan took his time cleaning up, laying out everything he needed and making me feel comfortable. He then cleaned and marked my ear (I chose to have both done in the same ear), made sure I was happy with the placement and had me lay down. Allison (unlike me) was interested in getting closer and watching, so Ryan made sure she had a good view and got started.

I could feel the adrenaline as he positioned the needle over my tragus, and I nervously shut my eyes to focus on my breathing. Oddly enough, I didn't hear the crunch of the cartilage as the needle went through, but that might have been just because of my concentration. It was a hard pressure in my ear with a bit of a pinch, and I could feel the needle sitting in there as he quickly went for the helix next. More pressure and a harder pinch (I will admit that the Helix hurt more, as Allison had admitted) and then all the pain was gone as he quickly put the jewelry in and secured my jeweled stud on. He then removed the needle from my tragus, reassured me as he put the jewelry in and proclaimed he was finished.

We paid and tipped and Ryan suggested we come back in a month or so to have our piercings checked to make sure they were healing properly. I was impressed with this suggestion, as I had heard horror stories from other shops point blank refusing to see customers who had modifications gone awry.

Overall, I was more than pleased with my experience at Strange City and feel genuinely excited to go back for my next modification experience (hopefully a second tattoo). The staff was excellent and friendly, the shop was clean and welcoming and I left feeling proud and pleased with my new piercings. I truly recommend Strange City to anyone looking for a safe and gorgeous body modification. And to anybody considering a tragus piercing – you won't regret it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: Strange+City
Location: Edmonton%2C+AB%2C+Canada

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