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A great day.

This is my lovely story about my beautiful tragus piercing. It is kind of long and not to fascinating, but if you would like to learn about my piercing experience, then continue on!

Ever since I have been exposed to piercings and tattoos, they have

interested me very much and I wanted to experience these things for myself.When I was before the age of one, just a baby, my mother started my piercing experience with plain and simple regular ear piercings.

After this, during high school I added to my collection with a second hole in each ear and then a cartilage piercing. During my high school years I was lucky enough to be a foreign exchange student to Ireland and saw an unusual piercing that I decided I really wanted. The tragus piercing really caught my eye. It was a simple, cute, and unique piercing that I really wanted.

You have probably seen plenty of ear lobe piercings, and probably quite a few cartilage piercings too, but a tragus piercing is not something your run across everyday, which is one reason I love it. In real life I had only seen this piercing on a handful of people, which I really liked. I wanted something different, something that would make me stand out a little more than every one else.

Because this is an unusual piercing many of the people I know didn't know what on was, I described it as being, that little nub of cartilage that lies just in front of the ear canal. Some thought this was going to look weird but I really didn't care, it was what I wanted.

After a year of wanting to get my tragus pierced, I finally decided to go out and do it. I had been waiting deciding if it was something I really wanted to do, and I was also trying to avoid the pain, and uncomforting feeling of getting a needle put through my ear. Although some websites had said that "the pain caused by the piercing and the application of its jewelry varies from person to person. The needle is driven through very little skin and thick cartilage, the tragus itself has no nerve endings, some pierces' experience pain. The application of the pierce's chosen jewelry can amplify the pain due to the enclosed space in which the piercer works." Reading this on many websites had given me some comfort, but I was still afraid.

I have been scanning what seemed like a million sites, looking for feedback from people who have been pierced in this particular area. Ninety seven percent of the feedback I read said that this was the most painful piercing ever. Some said it hurt worse than any other piercing ever gotten. Some even said that they would not have gotten it if they knew it would have hurt so badly. These statements I saw made my level of nervousness rise one hundred percent.

The day that I was going to get had finally come. And I was scared and super excited all in one. The fact I had been afraid of needles forever had my stomach in knots. But being scared had not stopped me from piercing my ears and my nose.

So I had finally got up the guts to get it done, and went to a local tattoo parlor, the same place I had gotten my nose pierced at, I really liked the guy who had pierced me and they were reasonably priced so I thought it was a good choice to return to.

I arrived at the parlor and filled out the paperwork showed them I was "of age" and then waited while he was prepping his station. He led me to the back room, where his station was, and told me to sit down, he said he was going to go wash his hands, and he would be right back. I can not handle pain too well, so I was freaking out big time. I continued to ask my piercer twenty questions about tragus piercings: if it hurt, how long would it hurt for, what kind of jewelry should I get etc. I kept pinching my tragus, to see if I could get an idea of what kind of pain I was in for, but it wasn't helping too much. He then marked my ear to show where he would pierce it. Then he told me to lie down in the chair and turn my head

away. I fixed my hair so it wasn't all over the place and started deep breathing. I told him I was extremely nervous, and he said it would be over really fast. He told me to take a deep big deep breath in and breathe out and then pushed the needle through my ear. I heard no pop like some people did but it was over before I could feel any pain.

I could not believe it, but I looked in the mirror and sure enough, I had a brand new beautiful piercing, that hardly hurt at all. I was so mad that I had let everyone's horror stories stop me from getting a piercing that I had wanted for so long, but elated that I'd finally gone through with it. I love my tragus piercing so much. It looks so amazing and better than I thought it would.

I am so happy I got it, it is my favorite piercing. In a few weeks I think I might even go back to get the other side done. I have no trouble sleeping on it, or doing anything with it, and it is easy to clean.

My advice is if you want it, get it. I know everyone feels pain

differently, and one person's severe pain may be another person's slight pinch, but no matter how much it may or may not hurt, it'll be over with in seconds, and all you'll have left is an awesome piercing. And when people come up to you and say "did that hurt?" You can reply "Heck yes" and fool every one that asks.


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on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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