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"You know how bad that thing's gonna hurt?" a vertical industrial.

It started a month ago. It was my average day in the snack bar at the pool I work at. I was working with a good friend of mine. We'll call her Alli. She was talking about how she was getting a tattoo soon so I recommended she check out Cheap Trx, as I had such great experiences there in the past (all with piercing but I love the staff and I've seen their tattoo work as well - it's excellent). She said it sounded good and we got to discussing piercings.

Alli only had her lobes pierced at this point but she had some ideas and wanted my opinion. I told her I planned on getting a vertical industrial soon, one that went from the upper conch to lower conch. I sent her a picture later that night and she loved it. That was when we officially decided we'd get them pierced together.

Fast forward to two days ago. I had told her Stan works Thursday to Saturdays so if possible, we should go then. Stan had pierced my first industrial (a pretty standard one on my left ear) a year ago and had done my microdermals a month prior. We decided Thursday (today) would be the best day. Around 5:30 Alli picked me up. We headed to the grocery store to get cash for tips first then went to Cheap Trx. It took us much longer than it should have as, somehow, we had gotten lost several times. Turns out I put Cheap Trx as the starting location rather than the ending location mapquest. Whoops. Anyway, we ended up not arriving till about 7:15.

Upon arrival, we went to the front desk and told the man there what we wanted. He asked Stan, who was sitting in a nearby couch, to check out our ears and see if we qualified to get one. He looked and told us neither of us had good ears for that. Then I realized he thought we meant helix to conch. I corrected him and told him what we wanted was a conch to conch industrial and he said he could do it. However, before that he gave us a word of warning, full of expletives I'll cut out. "You guys know how bad that's going to *ing hurt? I mean that mother *er is painful." "Well, pain is relative. Is it comparable to nipples?", I asked, not finding nipples to be a terribly painful piercing at all and hoping he would say it wasn't. "This is like getting your nipples tortured for four or five hours." He said all of this quite seriously, which had Alli and I pretty nervous. However, we still wanted it to we headed back.

Alli and I had never discussed who would go first, but I immediately headed for the chair so it ended up being me which I was fine with. I wasn't very nervous. Stan has that effect on you. He's always making jokes and humming. It's hard to be terribly anxious around such a person. Stan asked if it was more important to me that the piercing be straight of that more bar showed. "More bar for sure. I'm fine with some slant." I think he saw that response coming. Anyway, it felt like we were in there maybe two minutes before he had the needle aligned to my ear. The usual "ready? breath in. now breath out." and the first half was over. He had greatly, greatly exaggerated the pain. So much that I felt stupid being so nervous after the first half was over. Sure, it took a little bit longer than most piercings because that's very thick cartilage, but the pain wasn't very intense. The crunching and loud (and I mean loud) popping sound was kind of cool as well. The second (lower) part h urt slightly more. I know I grimaced. It was very bearable though. The jewelry insertion was slightly uncomfortable. But again, nothing to worry about at all.

Alli went second and seemed to find it pretty painful. She said she almost blacked out but we're both sure that was due to nerves and adrenaline, certainly not pain. She laid down and Stan put a white towel on her forehead and got us popsicles. Once again, Stan is great. He talked to us for a while, which was especially nice of him since it was eight by then and they were closed. He told us Alli had officially crossed over from average girl to "freak", like me. ;)

We tipped Stan, thanked him for everything, and left, feeling pretty badass. The aftercare is pretty basic. Stan says just wash it twice a day and other than that, leave it alone. It's pretty achy right now and I'm guessing showering will be a bitch as will getting hair stuck on it but it's so worth it. I'm very happy with the piercing and I plan to go back and have Stan pierce my septum. If you're in the Saint Louis area, you should definitely check out Cheap Trx and try to go in on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

p.s. Feel free to email me with any questions. =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Stan
Studio: Cheap+Trx
Location: Saint+Louis

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