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Totally worth it!

I turned 18 a little more than a year ago, and at this point, I decided that I wanted to get something done. I'm Jewish, so I'm pretty sure there's some rule about being buried in a Jewish cemetery with a tattoo. But I really wanted to get something pierced.

A couple of years before, I really wanted to pierce my eyebrow. I remember bothering my parents almost every day to get permission. I read stories, I watch videos, and I continued to beg them. My dad eventually gave in, but I needed a unanimous decision from both my parents and my mom wouldn't budge. About 4 months later, I gave up on that idea. But when I turned 18, I revisited it, but decided that since I worked in a pharmacy, my boss wouldn't like it so much.

After reading 54925878 stories on BMEzine, I finally decided that I wanted to pierce my tragus. I loved the way it looked on all of the pictures I saw, and it was something not everyone had, like the lobes. I'm so excited to do it, I tell everyone that I'll have it soon. I didn't get a chance to go for a couple of weeks, so I think everyone thought that I had chickened out.

So finally, I'm driving with my stepsister one day and I say "Hey, want to go with me to the Piercing place on Rt. 211?" She says sure. I explain to her what I want to get done and I ask her if I should tell my mom, which is her stepmom, and she says, "No, I'm sure it will be fine, its just your ear." She has been contemplating getting a tattoo anyways, so this would give her a chance to look.

So we go in, I've been in there before, my friend and I went in one day just to check it out. It's very clean, the waiting room has thousands of pictures on the walls and there is another room that has a bunch of books full of drawings. In one of the rooms I see a guy getting a tattoo and think "If he can put up with pain like that, then I can get a quick little piercing."

I go up to the desk and say that I would like my tragus done and the girl says, "Oh, I love piercing the tragus!" This definitely makes me feel better, knowing she has experience. Then she goes on to tell me that I have the 'cutest little tragus.' She tells me to wait a little while while she finishes with someone else, cleans up, and sets up for my piercing. My stepsister and I walk into the room with all of the books and we start flipping through the pages. At this point, I'm getting nervous, debating whether or not I should make a run for it. If I told me stepsister that I changed my mind, she's make fun of me forever, so I used that as an excuse not to wimp out.

Soon, Kristen calls me over to the room, and we go in, I sit down in the chair and she asks me which side I want it on. I haven't actually given this much thought, but since I have a cartilage piercing on my left ear, I wanted to even things out, I'll do my right ear. She then goes to mark a spot with that purple marker of hers, and it looks good where it is. So she opens a sterile package with a needle and the barbell. She gets ready to pierce me and I feel pressure thinking that it must be the clamps. I'm already bracing myself for the needle and she says she's putting the jewelry in. I'm thinking, "what? That was it?" I don't think it hurt at all, and I have a low tolerance for pain. I even held my stepsister's hand, but there was no need.

After I got it, I loved to conspicuously tuck my hair behind my ear and wait for people to notice. When I got home, I did this in front of my mom, and she can be quite oblivious at times. So I stand right in front of her, and pull all my hair back as if I'm going to put it into a ponytail, and she goes "What the hell is that?" That was hilarious, but she was fine with it, just surprised.

I love it, and I'm actually going to go get my nose pierced today, that's what inspired this article. I must have read 30 stories today about it, but I'm still nervous. But anyway, if anyone is afraid of doing the tragus because of pain issues, don't be. It doesn't really hurt and it's only sore for like, 2 weeks to a month, just like the cartilage.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Kristen
Studio: Artistic+Creations
Location: Middletown%2C+NY

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