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The confidence to try something new - The conch story

I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! I finally worked up the courage to go get my conch pierced at somewhere I hadn't tried before.

I thought, "Come on, you got paid today, just go do it!".

I've walked past the place quite a few times and chickened out, not really being scared of the piercing itself, but I'd not been there before, and I didn't want to go to the shit place I went before. My friend who I work with recommended it to me, now I don't have that many piercings... my lobes were all gunned at various places, my scaffold was done in my hometown Nottingham on a whim when I went to visit family, and I had been to another place in Huddersfield (which I won't mention) where I got my 3rd lobes, and well.. lets just say I wasn't too keen on it. They used a weird plastic clippy gun type thing, and 9 months down the line, they are STILL not healed right. So I definately wasn't going back there. So I thought I'd try this place, its kind of tucked out of the way, so I was really really nervous because I didn't know what to expect of the place, and if the people there would be nice and not naff like the other not nice place. I'd spent weeks walking past the place ev ery so often, to try and catch a glimpse, and not being able to work up the courage to actually go in. I didn't really have anyone to ask to come with me either, cause I'm a big loner.

So this time, I went into town, even though it was chucking it down with rain, I got off the bus, walked straight to the place and walked in. I just did it. Went straight there, wham bam. I think that worked better than me walking back and forth outside trying to get rid of my nerves. Its called Back of Beyond, or Northern Souls Body Piercing, in Huddersfield (UK).

I went in and some cool tattooed guys (who were the tattooists there too) chatted away to me, trying to convince me to get a tattoo while I was waiting, and I almost chickened out again when they said the piercer had popped out for 10 minutes. But no! I stayed. She came back and I (very enthusiastically) said "I would like a conch piercing please!".

I signed the forms, sat down in the chair, she cleaned me up, marked the placement, and sprayed some weird ass freezing spray on, which I wasn't too sure about at first, but I'm soooo glad she did it. I like pain to a certain extent, but after how much pain I had with my scaffold it was a slight sigh of relief when she used the freezing stuff.

I thought she would ask me to check it was all ok and then give me a 1 2 3 or something, but the next thing I knew there was a needle in my ear! I was like "oh, you just did it", and she said "yep, all done!". It didn't really hurt much at all, nowhere near like my scaffold pain. And I didn't go all dizzy or shaky this time either, which I did with my scaffold. I told her I'd be back again, cause she was so great, paid my £20 which I thought was very reasonable, as is all her pricing, and off I went, saying a little goodbye to the cool tattoo guys.

Nell is a fantastic person, and a great piercer. Everything I'd read on the forums that you should notice about a good piercer, Nell ticked the boxes. The needles, gloves, the procedure, everything she did was by the book, and that has made me really trust her. I'm happy that I now have somewhere I can go where I know I'll be in safe hands.

A few weeks later, I'd ordered a nice blackline labret stud to match the rest of my blackline theme, so I tried to change it but couldn't get the damn ball off no matter how hard I tried! I changed my scaffold myself, I didn't really want anyone else touching it, I like to change them myself, just in case it hurt or anything. But since I really couldn't do this one I went back and asked her to change the bar for a shorter one, which she did so quick and easy, no pain at all. She didn't put the ball on as tight so that I could change it if I wanted.

I'm so SO happy I worked up the courage to have it done, and I've found myself a great new reputable piercer. I can't wait to go back and get more done by her.

This is definately my favourite piercing so far. Its been completely trouble free, no pain, and I can't stop looking at it! I want more conch piercings done!


submitted by: hetty
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Nell
Studio: Northern+Souls+Body+Piercing
Location: Huddersfield%2C+UK

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