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The most beautiful part of my ear

I had recently gotten my nose pierced, and since my request for a tongue piercing was rejected, I was in the market for a unique piercing. I wanted someone no one I knew had, something no one else would want, but also something pretty.

I had searched online for a list of piercings, and I finally found the tragus. It was love at first sight. I wanted to be pierced with a circular barbell or one of those cool spiral ones, but I later found out I had no choice of jewelry at my tattoo and piercing parlour.

The only thing left to do was convince my mother that this wasn't an insane piercing, and earn the money. After that was done, VOILA. We set a date to finally go out and do the deed.

So Wednesday morning, we set off to the tattoo and piercing parlour. I sat down in the chair and asked Jess (my piercer) if it would hurt. She said it'd be more of a pressure type pain, but it wouldn't be that bad. So I held my moms hand, she put on the clamp, and voila. It was in! I felt it go through but it wasn't painful. I very much enjoyed the crunching noise it made! I sat there and waited for her to insert my jewelry. She said as she was picking up the jewelry, "Now is when you'll start to feel a bit more pressure.", but nothing. It was totally fine. She dropped the ball for the captive bead ring on the ground, (in my mind I was SCREAMING "DO NOT PICK THAT UP!") Thankfully she got another ball and inserted my CBR. Once that was over, I was like, wow. That was stupid. I thought it was gonna be so painful, I psyched myself out for nothing.

After the piercing was in and we were getting ready to pay, my little sister asked Jess if she had her tragus pierced. Jess was like, "No, I'm too scared!" and my mom, sister and I were taken aback! This girl had tattoos, piercings all up her ears, a nose piercing, and she was afraid to get her tragus pierced!

Another lady there said she was too! Jess was like, "Ask any piercer. They'd rather get a tattoo than a piercing anyday."

So now I'm reaaally looking forward to getting a tattoo when I turn sixteen, I guess it won't be as painful as I'm anticipating.

That was 3 days ago, and my ear hasn't been a problem. I've been able to sleep on it just fine since the first day I had it, I clean it twice a day with saline solution and rotate it every so often. This morning I woke up with a bit of blood crusted around it, but it was nothing I couldn't clean off with a my saline solution and a cotton swab. It looks mad sick, I can't get over it. My family's already tired of me saying how cool it looks.

I'm not much into the whole belly button piercing thing, it seems much too common a piercing at my school. My next piercings will definitely include my tongue, an industrial, DEFINITELY my second tragus and possibly cartilage. I'm not sure why belly button seems to be so exciting. I think it's very unattractive. At one point I wanted it, but I was like, it's so ugly though! And I like my belly button the way it is. The piercing is too common.

My advice for anyone looking into a tragus piercing, don't psych yourself out for pain. Odds are, it won't hurt if you're going to an experienced piercing professional. Research your piercing before you get it done, and don't forget to clean it twice a day with whatever your piercer tells you.

My next piercing will probably my second tragus, it was so easy and is so gorgeous. I want my tongue pierced really badly, my mother refuses to let me get it done til I'm sixteen. By then I'll be able to sign for my own piercing, but whatever.

The pain was more than my nose, but not by a lot. I felt minimal pain when I got my nose pierced, and my tragus did hurt in comparison. My nose was comparable to being pinched in your arm, my tragus was like falling on your tailbone. I'm not much into being like everyone else, so when people told me they wanted theirs done too I lied and told them it hurt like a b*tch! If you have the same problem, dont be afraid to lie about that! They will never know you're lying, different tolerances for different people!

I really hope this helped some people considering a tragus piercings, feel free to email me if you have any more questions! ;D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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