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Stretching my Lobes to 5/8" ( A How-to, Learn from my Mistakes, and Everything you Wanted to Know about Stretching ) A Guide

      Hello, let me start by saying that my name is Austin and I'm 15. So anyways, this is my experience with stretching my lobes to 5/8". I just started my Sophmore year of high school and I started to stretch somewhere in the 7th grade. I don't really remember why I wanted to start stretching, I must have seen someone with stretched lobes and was fascinated. Like most people who are starting I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. All I knew was that most regular lobes are pierced with an 18g needle and from there the smaller the number was the bigger the stretch. The sizes also went down by every even number like 18g, then 16g, 14g, 12g, 10g and went up until 0g and then after 0g there is 00g. After 00g you go to 7/16", 1/2". 9/16", 5/8". 11/16", 3/4", 13/16", 7/8". 15/16", and then 1 inch. There are bigger sizes, but you can look those up. Also, sizes can be in mm (millimeters). Size charts can be found at various websites with a Google search.

 I have also learned that it is a very good idea to regularly massage your lobes. While your ears are healing I would recommend Emu oil. I buy it from Bodyartforms. Emu oil helps heal your ears and can help save them if they are in trouble. After your ears are healed, Jojoba oil works fabulously. I have heard of people using Vitamin E oil too, but my favorite is Emu. When you massage you make sure that your ears are clean first. I clean my ears twice a day (once in the morning, and once at night) with non-scented anti bacterial soap like Dial. After they are clean and dry I take a decent amount of Emu oil and I take out my jewelry and rub it in the inside part until it is all soaked up. Then I massage the outside of my lobe with my index and thumb to get the circulation going, which helps heal your lobes faster.

 Another very helpful thing for the healing process are Sea Salt Soaks. What are they you ask? You go to the store (Walmart has it) and buy a thing of Sea Salt. DO NOT GET THIS CONFUSED WITH TABLE SALT. They are very different. Then I fill up 1 cup (measuring cup) with warm water. I get a 1/4 teaspoon measuring thing and fill it with sea salt. Then I pour it into the warm 1 cup of water (not too warm to burn) and stir it. I then pour some of it into a shot glass. I usually leave my jewelry in my ear, but you can take it out if our ears are fully healed. I hold the shot glass up to each ear for about 10 minutes and then dry them off with a cloth. Apparently this helps the healing process because your body has natural sea salt to heal wounds and doing this makes it even better. I usually do a sea salt once a day, but if your ears and in trouble then twice a day.

  Now for types of jewelry. I have learned the hard way that silicone is one of the worst things for your ears when they are healing or have just been stretched. Seriously, never stretch with a silicone earskin or leave them in at any time before your ears are healed. I did at my last stretch and major problems (which I will cover later)! I recommend that when you have just stretched to wear some steel tunnels or glass. I wore acrylic for most of my stretches, but apparently some people have had bad experiences with this so I'd would be cautious because you never know.

 Whenever I have stretched I used acrylic tapers. Some people have had issues, but I never have (I never forced the taper through or had problems). I waited a long time between stretches and that probably helped. The reason I used acrylic was because it was the cheapest. If you can afford steel tapers I would buy them. Another way to stretch is to use PTFE tape, or teflon or bondage tape. I have never done this before since tapers have worked well for me, but if they don't for you I would tape up. How you do this is you get a plug (single flare) and you wrap a layer or two around it every few days and you gradually stretch up. And for those of you who don't know what flares are (like I didn't for awhile), single flare is when one end of the plug is bigger and the other end it the same as the wearable area. Flares are there so that the plug won't fall out. When you have just stretched, use a single flare because newly stretched piercings aren't healed enough to fit over a

flare. The other thing there is are double flares. That is when both ends of the plug are bigger so that you don't have to use an o-ring. O-rings are used on singe flare or no flare plugs. They are put on after the plug is in your ears so that they won't fall off.

How to stretch. I usually get my taper and clean it off with soap and then clean off my jewelry and lube it up with some emu oil and slide the taper through and then put in my jewlry. Don't leave tapers in. People frown upon it. I don't care but others do whatever. Make sure to wait enough time because you'll be worse off if you don't wait long enough and have fucked up ears. The time is different for everyone. All I have to say is don't force it. If it goes through easy and relatively painless then good. If you stretch to fast then you get cat ass. Which is like little ridges on the inside which look weird. I think it's pretty normal to have it a little because I do and everyone I know has a little. But if you have a crazy amount then slow down.

Now for the blowouts. A blowout is when the inside of your ear (fistula) get pushed out because you haven't waited enough time in between your stretch. Whenever you get a blowout don't panic. They are not good, but can be fixed if patient. I have had one blowout before. I foolishly stretched with a silicone plug and my left (bitch) ear freaked out. I took out the plug and the back was pushed out. I had a blowout. I immediately switched me other ear to a steel tunnel, left the other plug out for a couple hours and then   put in a smaller size single flare steel tunnel the opposite way. What I did was take a normal steel tunnel and instead of putting it with the flare in the front I put the flare in the back, which caused my blowout to be pushed in the right way. My blowout healed in 2 weeks with sea salt soaks and emu oil rubs and plenty of cleaning with soap. If your blowout was in the front, then you would put the plug in from the front to push it backward. The important

thing about blowouts are to fix them while they are still healing. If they are already healed all weird then you can forget about it pretty much.

What to call them. Okay now this is a big deal for a lot of people. I hear a lot of people asking me about my "gauges". Now you see, a gauge is a type of measurement so they're asking me about my measurements. That's not right. You also don't say that you're ears are "gauged". Everyone's ears are gauged if you want to put it that way. A better way to say it would be that your ears are stretched. You could correct people politely by saying, "Oh, you mean what size are my ears stretched up to?". And then they would probably get it. I don't really care a lot, but I guess a lot of other people do and you would be saving them from a potentially awkward situation by correcting them. A lot of people call them plugs also. Plugs are a type of jewelry, but whatever that's fine.

I have found a few good places for stretching help. One of my favorite places is the Bodyartforms messageboard. On the front page click on messageboard and then sign up. Then go to stretching questions & care. There is a lot of good info and help there.

Another place is the livejournal community stretched. Make a livejournal account and find the community named stretched. Get accepted and then you can post if you need help.

Where to buy jewelry. I have found that my favorite site for jewelry is bodyartforms. There are reasonably priced, and they ship really fast.

Another good place is kingsbodyjewelry. They have a good selection except they take longer to ship.

Another is the etsy seller frozenfire. Just look up his shop. He custom makes glass plugs and they are gorgeous! Go to etsy.com and look up the username.

A place to sell or trade jewelry to other stretchers is the livejournal community gaugetrade. Now the thing is that you can read all the posts, but they are hard to get accepted into. I've tried a lot but they won't except me because I apparently don't have enough friends or posts or whatever (Because I have a non-internet life haha). So what you can do is if you see something you really like is to send a message to the user asking them about the jewelry. But I'm done the ranting now haha.

bodymodern.com is this really cheap site that has a very tiny collection but they are cheap and reliable I've ordered from them before.

They are others just google that shit. Like painful pleasures, and ebay.

So there is pretty much everything I know about stretching. I realize I didn't really talk that much about me but whatever. If you want any help or have any questions you can email me, I promise that I'm really nice. I think I put it so that you can email me but you don't see my email address or whatever. So happy stretching!


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