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Scalpelling up to 18mm

I've been stretching my ears for quite some time but have always had to tape even at the smaller sizes due to my skin being so un stretchy.

Everytime I've tried to taper even up by 1 mm all that happened was I was in pain and my ears got iritated and swelled.

After what seemed like forever I had managed to stretch the bottom two holes on each ear, the first to 10mm and the second to 8mm, my plan was 20 in the first and 10 in the second, but after getting to 10 and 8 I saw that the holes were pretty close and I didn't think i would be able to stretch them both to my goal sizes.

Not without the skin in between getting too thin and causing problems.

Because of this I was looking into other options I had and out of everything scalpeling apealed to me the most.

I enquired at my local piercers but he refused and suggested I use some fishing line to tie the holes together but I wasn't too keen on that idea.

Especially not after hearing some people had used that method to split their tongues I just assumed it would mean I would be in pain for ages and probably get an infection.

I thought about it for months and months and it wasn't until I got some sterile scalpels from a friend that i finally thought there was a possibility of doing it.

I looked around online for some other self scalpelling stories and found a very interesting one on here where they had used emla cream.

I already had some of this so thought i'd give it a try as I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain.

I didn't have any cling film so I cut out small squares from sandwich bags and gaffa taped them to my ears over the emla cream then sat down to watch some tv.

I took the dressing off my left ear after an hour an a half and thought I'll go for it.

I took the scalpel and made a slice across the hole, I couldn't feel a thing so carried on, after about four slices I was nearly through!

I was amazed that it was this easy as I wasn't expecting the cream to numb anything but the surface.

The bleeding was pretty much non existant at first, but when it did come it was very light.

I didn't know what size plug I would need but had everything up to a 20, the 14 went in fine so did the 16 and 18, I tried the 20 as that was my goal and thought it would be amazing if I got straight there but unfortunately it was too tight and wouldn't go so I just went with the 18.

After the ease of the first hole I just hoped the second would be so simple.

There were two slight lips where I had sliced through the center of two stretched holes, I was hoping to avoid this as earbows look unsightly but because I hadn't gone through the side I couldn't easily cut the extra off and figured I would sort it at a later time.

So I moved onto the second ear, it didn't feel as numb as my left one even though the cream had been on longer but I wasn't going to give up now after the success of the first.

I started slicing in the same way as I did before, it didn't really hurt as such but this time I could definitely feel it so it took quite a few more attempts to cut through and it bled a hell of a lot more.

I aplied pressure to it for a bit but the bleeding didn't seem to subside, the blood was very dark, and was dripping onto the towel I had around my neck, I don't understand why it bled so much more than the first.

I tried a 20 hoping it would fit but like the left ear it didn't so I just pushed the 18 through.

The earbows on this ear were a lot more extreme than the first so I got the scalpel and tried to slice off as much as I could but only managed to cut a small piece of skin off. the weirdest thing was it felt like cutting chicken :S

With the first ear the jewelry seemed to stop it bleeding but on this ear it didn't so I wrapped them both up for a bit to catch any blood and left it.

There are still slight ear bows at the moment but I'm hoping these will become smaller as my ears heal.

They are still numb at the moment so I can't feel any pain.

I'm hoping it won't be too bad when they do regain feeling, but I doubt it will be much worse than a normal piercing, sleeping might be a little tricky tonight but it's worth it to get so much closer to my goal.

It wasn't the best idea to do it myself but there was no one in my area who would have done it for me.

I understood the risks and i've had so many infections before that at the first sign i'm up the docters. I'm confident things will be o.k but it's best not to be attempted unless you know what you're doing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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