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Scalpelling My lobes from 13mm to 3/4"

I realized my "goal size" wasn't big enough before I had even reached it. You see, the issue I had with my lobes was that they were tiny. Not thin, just tiny. Unfortunately like a lot of other people that embark on the stretching journey, I wasn't blessed with big fatty lobes. I began the sloooww stretching process about four years ago. Recently I reached 13mm, my goal size, always allowing my ears to self stretch. By this point, I had already built a massive collection of plugs, only to realize that I wanted bigger. Deciding to go bigger meant I would have to eventually scalpel. My uncentered holes needed to be redirected and scalpelled up, if I was ever going to go any bigger.

I decided the best person for the job was Brian Decker. You would think that living in NYC would mean that I would have a lot of options as to who I would get work done from, but no. Finding a good modification artist in NYC is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Fortunately, I have become familiar with Brian's work, and had not doubt in my mind that he could get the job done. We began exchanging emails back and forth, and I set a day to get scalpelled and a new goal size of 3/4".

When I arrived at Pure Body Arts, I was greeted by a very clean and professional environment. I must have asked a million questions and chattered non stop before the process began. Brian was always very reassuring, and answered my one million questions while preparing for the procedure. I watched as he changed his gloves about ten times, and autoclaved my single flare gorilla glass ruby bulletholes along with everything else he would need. He even autoclaved the gauze and q-tips he was going to use. All the while amazing my 14yr old niece, who had decided to come watch her auntie get sliced up. She had never seen a piercer be so clean and prepare so well. I thought this would be a good experience for her seeing that she was already showing a great interest in modifications. I wanted her to see what it is supposed to be like working with a professional modification artist, as opposed to the makeshift piercers she had allowed to mutilate her lobes and lip.

I laid down, and allowed Brian to make marking on my lobes showing me exactly where he would cut. He wiped and remarked several times until we were both content with the way the markings looked. He gave me a few minutes and allowed me to mentally prepare myself (and even use the bathroom, again) before he began. By that time my heart was pounding so hard and I had such an adrenaline rush, that I was sure I wasn't going to feel a thing. I focused my attention on my niece and showed her how to work to camera and what angle to shoot from, while Brian began set his clamps and cut away.

Perhaps I was expecting an excruciating pain, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as bad. I couldn't even figure out when he was actually cutting until I felt the warmth and wetness of my blood dripping down my neck. What I can definitely say about getting scalpelled is that it doesn't feel like getting pierced. I felt intense heat and pressure on my lobes as he was cutting. I can compare the feeling to getting tattooed only sharper; if that makes any sense. The most uncomfortable part of the process was the jewelry insertion. The pressure and popping sound was definitely unpleasant. Worst of all, we decided that it was too tight, so much so that it was making my lobes stick out of my head at a weird angle. He had to cut again. I clenched my teeth as he removed the jewelry and cut again the already sore lobe. That time, it HURT!

When he was done with the first lobe, I took one second to look in the mirror and asked him to keep going. I didn't want to take a break in between lobes; I didn't want my rush to wear off. The second lobe wasn't bad either. I knew what to expect and the process was much faster. Brian already knew that he needed to cut a little more than originally intended. While the first lobe took about 5 mins, the second took only seconds. For that I was grateful. He cleaned me up (I was a bleeder) and took about another twenty minutes to explain the healing process. He informed me of what to expect and how to properly care for my lobes for the upcoming weeks. He reassured me that my lobes would heal great, and gave me the okay to call or email if I had any more questions. He even asked me to stick around to make sure I was feeling okay and no longer bleeding before making the journey on the train back home.

It has now been over a week and my lobes have finally stopped bleeding. The first two days they bleed like faucets, drenching my pillow every night. I noticed that bleeding was at its worst after having caffeine so I cut down on it significantly. Slowly the bleeding stopped and has now turned to a lymph. My lobes have now begun to swell more, but I can probably attribute that to having my menstrual. My modifications always give me the heads up as to when that time of the month is approaching. I don't feel any pain in my lobes what so ever. They don't even feel sore like a new piercing usually does. The most uncomfortable feeling is that the crusties can sometimes make my lobes feel dry and itchy, but sea salt soaks is working wonders for that.

The entire experience was so positive for me that I am eager to plan a trip back to Pure Body Arts to get my conch punched when my lobes have healed. I don't think I'll ever regret having my lobes scalpelled, and I definitely recommend it for anyone that is having difficulties with normal stretching.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Brian+Decker
Studio: Pure+Body+Arts
Location: Brooklyn%2C+NY

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