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Piercing and Stretching Decision and Experience

I have been skulking around BME for years now and have finally decided to add my story to "our" collection. The next decision was which experience should I write about? I decided to write about the most recent ... the piercing and subsequent stretching of my ear lobes.

Stretched lobes have kept me fascinated for years! Just the look could be enough to keep me interested, but the additional process and (constant) care while stretching added a kind of weight to the idea. My other piercings and my tattoos are in locations where they are easily covered, and once they were done, the only real maintenance was the initial aftercare. (I hope none of my tattooists ever hear about that, but I suppose you have to own up to your failures!) And most intriguing of all, this piercing would be out in the open... no more hiding behind shirts and pants...the whole world (or at least New Orleans) to see, comment, stare, and add their two cents. Basically to announce to everyone what I had been hiding (and apparently not as well as I thought): my attraction to body modification.

I had been contemplating piercing and stretching my ears for years. Lately the idea had become a bit of an obsession... mostly due to this site and videos on youtube. My partner was going to be out of the country for three months, so before he left I mentioned I might get my ears pierced. Just kind of nonchalantly, no big deal. I also dropped hints to friends and co-workers here and there, and mostly received positive comments. After some research (on line and personal references), I settled on NOLA Tattoo and Piercing and picked a date. Come hell or high water, I swore I was gonna have it done on that day... and needless to say, it rained like hell that day. If you know New Orleans, it floods when it sprinkles around here. It did it before Hurricane Katrina, so we can't blame the flooding on her. After some creative driving I arrived, and since only idiots would be out in that kind of weather, there wasn't any waiting! Pat and I discussed what I was looking for and picke d some 10 gauge circular barbells to start. Even after all the experiences I had read and videos I had seen, I have to admit I was a little disappointed when Pat told me the largest initial piercing he would was 10 gauge.

We've all seen and heard horror stories, but I can be a bit impatient. He explained his reasoning... which I knew damn well and good was the proper way to get where I wanted to go, and then described what I was going to have to do over the next 8 months or so to get to the size I wanted. After all the talk, and we agreed on placement (to facilitate a good stretching) it was finally time for the fun!

The piercing was quicker than the lead up! Both ears done like a true pro... no muss, no fuss. I guess I was on an adrenaline high, because I didn't really feel anything until later that night. But even then, I was too damn excited! Looking back on it, I suppose it was the feeling of being free or the opening of a Pandora's Box... but I felt excited and energized! And if the piercer's words hadn't kept running through my head, I would have started stretching that very day. I took my time ordering the pincers and began stretching when they arrived about a month and a half after the piercing.

The first stretch to an 8 gauge was kinda painful, but what a rush! I don't think anyone really knew what was going on at first. But they definitely figured it out when I hit the 4 gauge. A few people had negative comments, but most just shrugged their shoulders... it wasn't their ears, so who cares. The one person I worried about was my partner. He came back when I was just preparing to go to a 2, but I held off until he got back. I suppose it really didn't matter. The last time he'd seen me my ears weren't pierced and now I had 4 gauge pincers poking out of my head. He did look a bit shocked when I picked him at the airport, but I could tell it wasn't a bad reaction. It would just take him a little time. I already had a PA and my septum pierced and three tattoos, so it's not as if he'd never seen me with any body modifications. He actually helped me upsize this last time to my current 0 gauge... which was a little tough. For some reason it took a little longer to he al than the other times... but it looks great. My original goal was to stretch to 00 gauge. I have already ordered some 00 tunnels and will see what the feels like.

I do think I am going to take a break from stretching my lobes and focus on stretching septum piercing... but as they say, that is a different story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Pat+Roig
Studio: NOLA+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: 8129+Hampson+Street%2C+New+Orleans

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