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My very first cartilage piercing!

It was about three weeks ago when I got that sudden rush to the head that means I really wanted to get a new piercing. I wouldn't say I'm a piercing veteran, but I've had a few more than most and I was ready to get my very first cartilage piercing. Plus, my birthday had just passed and I thought it was a good excuse to buy myself a birthday present.

Most of the piercing I've had were done at a particular salon, and I always went with the same friend. Since my last piercing I've moved closer to the city and didn't really want to travel all the way out to get a new one. I found another franchise closer by and did my normal anally retentive thing of calling them to ask about prices, jewellery, licenses, cleaning procedures etc.

I was um-ing and aah-ing over which particular piercing to get, I knew I wanted a new one on my ear but I wasn't really keen on getting one that was too common. I wanted something a bit different so ended up choosing between my snug and my rook. At the same time I didn't want one that might stop me from being hired for a job. I was browsing through a friend's photos when I noticed one of her friends had her rook pierced- it looked really incredible! It wasn't a really far out piercing, it was kind of subtle and most importantly she was the first person I had ever seen with one done. I hopped onto the internet to read some personal recounts and got some mixed reviews: some people said it was the most painful they had, some people said it didn't hurt at all. I decided to bite the bullet and called up the salon to book in to get it done. The salon had a time right that afternoon! I couldn't wait to get going, so luckily it was only a few hours instead of a few days.

Every other time I've had a piercing, a friend has come with me. But since it was a late Friday afternoon, most of my friends had a class at uni or lived too far away to come along. I eventually roped in a friend who said "don't expect me to hold your hand or anything, I don't even want to keep my eyes open!". Of course, we got to the place and they were running late. My friend made a bit of a lame excuse about being really hungry and needing to go home for dinner and left me by myself in a salon playing crazy house music, reading a ridiculous 2000 year old magazine! I felt a lot more confident when I saw they had tacked up an article about how teenagers under a certain age couldn't get certain piercing done, and another leaflet about how to care for your piercing and what to expect. The piercer eventually finished up the person before me and called my name to come forward. I had already filled in my form and shown my I.D to prove I could legally get my piercing and was ready to go back through.

I tend to give the impression that I'm a bit of a conservative looking person so the poor girl had a bit of a double take when I stood up- I think she expected me to be waiting to have my nails done or hair washed or something. I had a bit of a scare when I pointed out where I wanted her to pierce and she said she couldn't do it there! I don't know where she thought I meant, but it wasn't my rook and I nearly burst into tears right there and then, thinking I had come here and waited alone then I wouldn't be able to get it done. After a moment she suggested an 'alternate' piercing (which was actually the rook) and we had a funny exchange of words where I told her she had just told me she couldn't pierce there and she got very confused. All this time my nerves and emotions were building up and I just wanted to get it over and done with!

She took me into her and marked it up and told me to lie on my back but turn my face to the right so she could get at my left ear. She just told me to breathe in, I felt a very sharp and short pain and asked her to tell me when the needle was through. I assumed she had only pierced the skin and not yet pushed the needle the whole way through. Of course, I had overestimated how much it would hurt, and the needle was all the way through and I had a mild heart attack when I looked in the mirror and it looked like there was a needle poking out of my ear! (On second thoughts it would've been a great 'joke' picture to send Mum and Dad). She pulled out the curved bar I had chosen earlier and made the exchange between needle and bar very quickly. I'm quite prone to bleeding but there was no blood, she just gave it a spray with some sanitiser and a wipe with a tissue and it was good to go!

The main issue with aftercare was that I kept rolling onto my left side when I sleep, then wake up in the morning and have a really sore ear! For a few days my ear actually got swollen- I didn't know it was possible- but thanks to some creative genius from a few friends, I created a 'pillow' barrier so that I couldn't roll over in the night. I kept it clean and the swelling went down really quickly. It's probably been the easiest piercing I've had to look after so far!

The only thing I have to worry about now is that I have a free piercing on my 'regular customers stamp card'...


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on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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