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My Terrific Tragus Tale

I'll start by saying I'm kind of conservative in my piercing choices. I have two holes in each lobe, my left cartilage, and belly button done. All of my previous ear piercings had been done with a gun, and I didn't realize how bad that was until reading up on BME. I like body modifications, but all things in moderation. It is VERY addicting though!

It has been almost five months since I got my belly button pierced, and I got bitten by the bug...again. My first choice was a tattoo, but my parents threatened, in so many words, to disown me if I came home with any ink on my body. I had thought about getting my tragus done before, so I decided to check into it. One of my friends has both of his done, and he said it was almost painless. After reading several stories on BME, I decided I should get it done. Also, almost no one in my town has it done, so it would be very original. I very conveniently asked my mom, during church so she couldn't yell at me, if i could get it done. "Do you want your father to flip?!" she furiously whispered back at me. It was then that I decided I would get it done on my own, since I was 18. I chose to get it done on a day when I got off work at 1 in the afternoon, so I would have time to come home and clean it and nurse it a little without my parents seeing.

After an agonizingly long week of waiting, the day was finally here! I could hardly stand to work for three hours. I work at the mall, so when I got off I went to the Piercing Pagoda and looked at the jewelry. I was hoping I could get it done with a labret so it would be less noticeable. However, the associates there were very unhelpful and knew almost nothing about tragus piercings. I decided just to go to the tattoo place and get it done; they're the professionals so they know the best. After eating at Rita's Italian Ice (so I wouldn't feel faint), I drove across the street to Elite Tattoo, walked in, and told the girl I wanted my tragus pierced. She took me back to a desk and checked my ID and had me sign some papers. I was kind of disappointed that they only used CBRs for the piercing, but since it is easier to clean, I figured that would be best. It took Eric (my piercer, and the owner of the business) a few minutes to get set up. At the time, it didn't regist er that I should have been there to see him take the needles out of the packages and whatnot. But I had gotten my belly button done there, and I have never heard of anyone having any problems from going to Elite. They are very professional, and the studio is immaculately clean.

He called me back and had me lay on a table. I turned my head to the left (since I was getting my right tragus done) and he put the clamp on and marked my ear. The clamp wasn't bad at first, but the longer it was on, the more it hurt. He asked me if I was okay and told me I would feel a little pinch. Honestly, I felt no pain, just movement. And yes, I did hear that oddly satisfying crunch! He slid in the CBR, finally pulled off the clamp, and put on the bead. Honestly, the clamp was the most painful part. I looked in the mirror and it was perfect! I couldn't have been more pleased. It cost $40, and I gave him a $5 tip. I drove to Wal-Mart to buy some sea salt, and by the time I got home it was a little sore. Not nearly as bad as any of my other piercings, and it wasn't pain so much as I could tell there was something unnatural in my ear.

This all happened yesterday, and I have absolutely no pain at all. I've been doing a sea salt soak once a day and cleaning it with Bactine twice a day. I've taken care to not touch it too much or talk on the phone on that side or sleep on it. Getting my tragus done was the least painful piercing I've had, and I would definitely encourage anyone who is thinking about getting it done to go for it! It's so cute and unique. I plan on buying some labrets and going back to Elite to have them change the CBR in a month. And my parents haven't noticed it yet! I'd like to get my left cartilage done again, and hopefully a tattoo will soon follow!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Eric
Studio: Elite+Tattoo
Location: Chambersburg%2C+PA

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