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My personal experience with stretching my ears...

My experience started when I was 14 and in high school, I had a friend had 30mm stretched ears. It was the first time I had seen something like that and I would always look at them in amazement and thought that they were beautiful! I could only have my ears pierced at the time as my school was really strict on piercing right down to the colour hair bands your wore! She had just joined the school so they let her off with her stretched ears as long as she put plugs in them. Throughout the years through school I had various friends with different beautiful body mods... I felt naked!

I would dream of the day of when I finished school and when I would have the freedom to have as many body mods I could! As I could only have my ears pierced when at school. (I got them pierced when I was ten years old.)

At 16 I got my qualifications, finished high school and I started to start stretching my ears. I started by putting more and more rings through my pierced ears. Sure it was slightly annoying trying to force through rings through my ears and at the time it was painful! (No pain, no gain!) I stupidly didn't do much research into it and didn't really know about the aftercare, massaging etc... to begin with! So make sure you do your research!

I finally bought a 4mm taper... My ears had at least 4 1.6 rings through each hole in my ear at this point. I found out that they slid in quite easily so I bought a 6mm and forced it through... This was a bad mistake... My left ear got slightly infected and slightly bled and even to my disgust, it went crusty! It wasn't a very pleasant sight so I kept cleaning it with salt water three times a day and made sure that it was clean at all times. The infection soon cleared up and my ears felt less tender and where less red. I think from this it slightly ripped my ear as my ear bled! (It just shows that patience it a virtue!)

I then stretched up to 10mm 3 months after my ears had fully healed and stayed this size for at least 2years and 2 months. I think my ears needed the good long rest to be honest! Even with my impatience growing each day I found that you could get plugs that where a 10mm but a 14mm at the front! These ones are normally an 11mm at the back so I had to force them through a little which hurt a bit but wasn't too bad! I found that as soon as I went past 10mm I ad to clean my lobes more than usual. I found that even if you take your plugs / tunnels out and give them a wash whilst your in the shower it helps! Now my ears do not have that horrible musty smell!

I soon got the stretching bug again and stretched from a 10mm to 12mm in a month by using tapers! (I had been put off the idea of getting plugs a couple of sizes up and forcing them through as I went with a friend to a studio as he wanted his ears stretched up a couple of sizes. His ears where red ands throbbing afterwards and put me off the whole idea!)

Anyway, there wasn't too much crusting when my ears where 12mm and they went through quite easily! I found that using a moisturiser like astral cream helped to lube up my ears. Plus the cream would soak into your lobes leaving no residue!

Two months after I decided to go up to 16mm on both ears. The ear that I thought I had slightly ripped beforehand when I had forced through the 6mm taper, developed a slight blow out! ? This is because I wasn't patient and had stretched them too quickly and had skipped 4 sizes!

I could still put in 16mm screw on tunnels and naively thought that it would go away... but it didn't. I often wear my hair down so you couldn't really see it but whenever I wanted to wear my hair up you could! It isn't all that pretty...

I read that putting extra virgin olive oil on your blow out will shrink it... So I am trying that at the moment whilst NOT stretching them and giving them a rest! Fingers crossed!

I would like to now go up to a 20mm but I learnt that you have to be patient! Trust me... it will look better in the long run!! So now I am playing with the patience game!

So remember, patience is a virtue, do your research, keep massaging your lobes and look after them!

Good luck with yours!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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