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My GREAT conch-to-conch vertical industrial experiance.

[NOTE: I actually got this piercing exactly two weeks ago; there just wasn't an option for that. So I picked one week ago. Sorry.]

The first time I saw my cousin's vertical industrial piercing, I knew I had to have one.

I brought a friend of mine to Twisted Images to check the price on a tattoo she wanted to get because it's got the reputation for being the best tattoo/piercing shop in town. While we were waiting, I got to talking to Natalie, one of the piercers, because she recognized me from a wedding we both happened to be at the week before. (It was my cousin's. she's a regular at the shop, and a friend of Natalie's.) I asked her about the pricing for a vertical industrial, which I'd been intent on getting for a while. We discussed the jewelry; I asked if they carried PTFE, she asked if Tygon would be okay, and I said it would. (Actually, it ended up working out better that I got Tygon in it; it's more transparent, and I can get away with it at school easier.) She told me it'd be about $55 to get, and I made an "appointment" (or more so, we just decided that that Saturday afternoon would be a good time to get the piercing). I got a parental consent form (which MUST be notarized there. it 's something to remember, because i've ran into trouble with that before.), left my name and number, and, after my friend finished discussing her tattoo, went home, anxiously waiting for Saturday to come.

I had to work until about 4PM on Saturday, so the anticipation was practically KILLING me! After work, my mom and I went out to Twisted Images, and i met up with my best friend when I got there. I went in, gave them my consent form, filled out (a surprisingly small amount of) paperwork, and then Natalie came down and told me that the Tygon and needles were still in the Autoclave, but it'd be done soon, and just to sit down in the lobby and she'd come get me as soon as it was done.

By now, my nerves were starting to get to me. I've had other piercings, but I knew this one was going to be pretty intense. I wasn't really scared; I wanted the piercing, whether it hurt or not. I was just excited.

I didn't have to wait nearly as long as I thought I would have to. Natalie brought me and my best friend upstairs to the piercing studio, sat me down on the table, showed me the color-change indicators on the autoclave bags so I knew that all of the equipment was totally sterile. Then she went to work.

The thing I really liked about Natalie and Twisted Images in general was the attention to detail. When she marked the places on my ear where she was piercing, she checked and rechecked it with a flashlight to make sure there were no blood vessels in the way. She made sure to explain everything she was doing before she did it. She was incredibly nice and polite, and made me feel really welcome there.

She pierced the bottom hole first. It was intense. I held my friend's hand throughout the whole thing; I'm pretty sure I halfway crushed her hand. She put the Tygon through the bottom, and then wiped some of the blood away. It bled a lot. She gave me a little break between the first hole and the second hole. (I should mention that before she did any actual piercing, she checked yet again with the flashlight to make sure there were no blood vessels in the way. Basically what I'm saying is, she was thorough.) The second hole (the top one) wasn't as bad as the bottom – and it still hurt pretty badly. The top bled a lot more than the bottom. I felt bad because it was kind of a mess. She told me that it's normal, and not to worry. She ran the Tygon through the top hole, cleaned up all the blood, cut the Tygon to length, and put the second bead on, cleaned me up again, and gave me a hand mirror to look at it. It was awesome. She did it exactly how I'd imagined it. She discussed cle aning and aftercare with me; the normal things: soak it with sea salt water, clean it with antibacterial soap, don't handle it too much, don't change the jewelry for awhile... she also told me to come back in about a month and she'd change out the Tygon for me, free of charge. We chatted for awhile, then she wiped away the blood from it one more time, took me downstairs to the lobby, asked if it'd be okay if she took a few photos for her portfolio and their website, I told her that was fine, so she did. I paid for it ($55. Just like she'd told me.), she gave me a baggy of sea salt, a paper that went over all of the care instructions again in case I forgot anything, and her business card in case I had any questions in the future. I thanked her several times, and we left.

My ear was really sore for the next several days. I still can't comfortably sleep on it. The only time it's bled since the day I got it done was when I accidentally hit it with my trombone at band practice that Monday. It's still a little sore, but it's really not enough to pay attention to unless I hit it. It's beginning to heal already, but I know it'll take several months to fully heal. I've worn it to school every day and haven't gotten in trouble for it, which I was nervous about. (Boys aren't supposed to have piercings at my school.)

One of the beads fell off of it the first Wednesday after I got it. I went back up to Twisted Images to get a new one, and Natalie gave me one free of charge, put it on for me, and cleaned the piercing again with witch-hazel. She was really nice.

I lost another bead earlier this week (I'm a bit clumsy sometimes), and I finally went back up there today to go get another (and buy a few extras, just in case I lost another.). Natalie was there again today, and she checked it out and decided it would be okay to go ahead and change out the Tygon when she replaced the beads. She cleaned it for me again and gave me an extra bead (all of which she did for me for free!) We even discussed my next two piercings: my septum and my nape.

She even showed me some new jewelry they'd gotten: handmade wooden gauges, in all sorts of styles, sizes, colors, and materials. I bought up a pair of solid ebony 00g plugs (which are awesome!).

Basically, I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. The studio is a clean, welcoming environment. The employees are friendly, polite, personal, experienced, and do a thorough, great job. My piercing looks excellent, it's healing well, and I get complimented on it all the time. I haven't had any problems with it at all. Now I just can't wait to go back for my next piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Natalie+Jenkins
Studio: Twisted+Images
Location: Louisville%2C+Kentucky

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