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My Favourite Piercing (Industrial)

Of my five piercings, my second and also my favorite was my ear industrial. At this point I had only had my tongue pierced, and being over three years ago i was still in school.

I live in Sydney, Australia, and trust my piercings only with Lord of the Jewels. There are a few of them in Sydney, but Chatswood is by far the closest to me. They have a very professional, surgically clean environment, and i find the price good and the service even better. I've since forgotten her name, but the old Piercer at this Studio has done all of my piercings but one, and did an amazing job on all of them.

Well, it was school holidays and I had been contemplating an industrial for a while. I had read plenty of BME stories on them, and all of these reviews had stated that after the piercer had done both holes in the ear the Bar was put in straight away. Naturally this was what i was expecting, but I was told at the studio that this was not the best way.

Apparently this can cause the piercings to become infected much easier, and can cause keloids as the new piercings are held at a bad angle by the bar while they are still healing. My piercer suggested that I get two individual piercings done at the same time and let these heal completely before putting in the bar between them. Also, she explained to me that it was very important that these piercings be done at right angles to each other.

I honestly don't know which method works better, but i trusted my piercer and went along with the piercing her way. All of the proper methods were used, including cleaning, gloves, fresh equipment straight from the packet, etc. I have to say these were definitely the least painful piercings I have ever had done. Personally, i have never had a problem with getting piercings. I am not going to lie, there was some pain involved, but this is something you have to accept if you want a piercing. Focus on how much you will love having it afterwards, and you should be able to get through it.

I had two small barbells put in and the piercings were quite easy to look after for the next 8 weeks, which was when I was told to come back. She also took a measurement of my ear, from the end of one pierced hole to the end of the other and ordered in a custom bar for me. I believe the easiest way to look after piercings is to completely ignore them except for a clean in the morning and one at night, in which you must be incredibly hygenic. It is also very important not to sleep on this ear for a while.

After the eight weeks passed I returned as instructed but unfortunately after a short inspection of my ear she was not quite ready to put in the long bar. She told me that while it was healing quite well there was still some redness around the piercings, and that it was very important to have the holes completely healed before taking the next step, or it could get infected.

I waited another three weeks before going back, just to make sure i wouldn't have to make another pointless trip, and this time she told me the piercing was ready. It was quite easy for her to put in the custom bar she had ordered in, although she did use a fair amount of lubrication. The bar did hurt the holes for the next week or so, but it wasn't too bad. It was just until the holes were stretched a little to accomodate the new angle of the piercing. I have to say, if the bar had been put in earlier i think it would been so painful, so I'm quite glad i waited until I did.

My Industrial was my favorite of five piercings for over a year, until at a concert I was accidentally kicked in the ear by a crowd surfer. It didn't hurt that much, so i didn't really pay any attention to it, although when a friend of mine saw me in the pit he told me I was bleeding from the piercing holes.

It was only after running to the bathroom and washing the blood away (there was actually quite alot) that I realized how tender and swollen my ear was around the industrial. It was incredibly painful to touch anywhere near the holes, and over the next few days the piercing became very infected. There was huge swelling, the entire top half of my ear was red, and there was a lot of bleeding and pus.

On the sixth or seventh day i had finally had enough. The back hole had completely swollen up just under where the bar emerged from the ear. It looked like a huge keloid, but it was actually just full of liquid from the infection. I took the industrial out, and within the next two days the swelling and infection almost completely disappeared. It was quite a relief for me, as the pain had been very intense.

To this day, i still have two small scars on my ear, but they are almost impossible to notice unless you are looking for them. My industrial was a great piercing to have, despite my bad luck at that concert. This is just a risk you have to take with piercings, and i have accepted this, as much as I miss my industrial.

The main tip I can give to someone looking at an industrial is to have a bar custom made for the length of your ear. It is a good idea to make it a little longer, in case it causes pressure on the piercings. And of course, keep up a good standard of hygene around your piercing!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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