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My ear-rim piercing gone wrong!

After being obsessed with piercings for more than a year, and having many friends who were riddled in them, I decided to start on my ears. I had my tragus pierced in November and it was so horribly painful. But that didn't stop me piercing more places!

I had never really liked ear-rim piercings. My 2 brothers had theirs done last year and they said it felt like a sharp staple but it wasn't as painful as they thought it would be.

However, in February this year my friend Kate decided to get her nostril pierced but she pleaded me to get a piercing with her. I spent ages wondering what to get pierced and I finally chose my right ear-rim (top of ear) because I was growing increasingly fond of ear piercings.

I was so nervous, even though I knew what to expect pain-wise as I already had 4 piercings, including my lip and 3 other ear piercings.

My friend told me I had gone really pale and that my hands were shaking. I was thinking about running off but I had already paid for the piercing (which was cheap at 10 pounds! Blue Banana had a piercing sale at the time).

My friend was called in first and she spent ages in there. When she came out she said the nostril piercing made her sneeze and her eyes water but that it didn't hurt as much as anticipated.

When I entered the studio, the piercer was cleaning the chair with disinfectant. He asked me if it was OK if a customer could come in and watch the "procedure" as she was very nervous about getting her own ear-rim pierced. I agreed to it and she stood watching as the piercer cleaned my ear and marked where it would be pierced.

He asked to check if the position was OK and I said it was.

And then suddenly the most awful pain shot through my ear as he pushed the needle in. It was so horrible that I felt like crying but had to stop myself because I had three people in the studio watching. If any readers are contemplating an ear-rim piercing, you might be worried now that I've said it hurts. But my friend already had one and she said it didn't hurt at all. I guess everyone's different!

Anyway, I gripped the edge of the seat and told the nervous girl that the pain was tolerable and it wasn't so bad. She was almost white with fear!

I couldn't see the jewellery in my ear because it was bleeding so heavily. I held the tissue paper the piercer gave me against my ear almost all day because it wouldn't stop bleeding.

And when the wind hit it, it burned and ached and I could feel my pulse through it.

The next day I was in college, after having a horrible night's sleep resting against the piercing in bed, when my friend gasped and exclaimed that my ear was bleeding. There was blood running from my new piercing down to the side of my face. I was given some tissue but it just wouldn't stop bleeding.

A girl in my course said she knew the piercer so we were given permission by our tutor to go to Blue Banana to sort it out. The piercer there said the bleeding was normal.

But when another piercer saw my bloody ear, she gasped and took me into the studio and cleaned it up for me. She looked horrified! And now calls me "The girl with the skanky ear"

Even though I've had the ear-rim piercing for over 7 months now, it still hurts so much when I lay against it or change the jewelery. But it doesn't bleed anymore, thank God!

The piercer was a good qualified piercer and I know it wasn't his fault my ear bled so much, but it was still quite scary and I think it was pierced on a nerve because it's still so painful.

I don't want to take it out though, because I went through all that discomfort to get it and hopefully in the future when it heals fully, it'll all be worth it.

The piercing was definitely the most painful I've had, and I've now had 9 altogether. It didn't stop me getting other ear piercings. But I know for a fact that ear piercings are the worst kind because they're cartilage piercings. The navel and lip hardly hurt at all! But this is just my own personal experience, and you could be different if you're thinking of getting your ear-rim done. I know that most of my friends who have the ear-rim piercing said it didn't hurt at all or bleed at all. I guess I'm just a bleeder! And my pain threshold is obviously really low.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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