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my conch punch/ stretch

So when I first started modifying my body I had no idea how big of a part of my life it would become. I started getting pierced when I was 15; it quickly became a very big part of life for a few reasons. One was because I loved the way piercing looked, another because I absolutely loved the hole procedure of going into a shop and coming out with a new piercing. Another thing for me at least it just made me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

So when I turned 18 I started getting a lot more facial piercings, and started hanging around one of the local shops. After a while I started apprenticing there. I had a great time working there. I learned a lot of really cool stuff, met a lot of really cool people. But after a while I wanted to do something that set me apart from a lot of people. Like when I was younger and still in school having my ears stretched was really different. But after a while stretched ears became more and more popular. Not saying that it's a bad thing, it's really cool that it's becoming more socially acceptable. And that more people are getting into body modification. But needless to say I wanted to do something that set me apart.

After working at the shop for a while my boss started talking about dermal punching, and it sounded like the perfect thing for me. I have already had my conches pierced at a 10 gauge, and I really wanted to stretch them, but between the pain and the length of waiting in-between stretching I really didn't want to deal with it.

So after a while I decided that punching my conches was the perfect way for me to get large gauge conches without have to go through so much. After talking to my boss's (whose names are Steve and Brian) I decided to punch my conches at a 0 gauge and stretch it to a 00. So we ordered the punches. They got to the shop after about a week, and the next thing was to decide when to do it. We decided to do it on a Monday, because the shop was closed on Mondays.  So when the day came I woke up went and got some breakfast and headed over to the shop. When I got there Steve and Brian were already there along with k who is Steve's girl friend. The emotions going threw my head were crazy, I was so scared about how bad it was going to hurt.

After we cleaned and prepped my ears we were ready to go. I wanted to start with my left ear because I had cauliflower ear from wrestling in high school, so I had a good idea that the left ear would cause some problems. So there we were ready to go, I have never been more scared in my life. Steve said "take a big breath" I new it was coming when I let out my breath so I took a really big breath. When I let out I felt a lot of pressure but that was it, the punch didn't actually break the skin, so we went for round two, I took another breathe, this time I felt a lot of pressure and then I herd this amazingly loud pop, and I knew it was through. Unfortunately due to the scarring from the cauliflower ear, my ear was thicker then the length of the punch. Not by much but enough that the skin was still partially intact on the back of my ear. So then Steve started twisting the punch to work it through me ear. After about 10 minutes with messing with it they got a needle and used the

bevel as a scalpel to cut of the chunk of skin. Next came the taper. I didn't actually feel the stretch; all I could feel was the taper was very cold. But there wasn't really that much pain. I was really surprised, it hurt a lot worse to pierce my conches with a 10 gauge sharp. So after the bleeding stopped, I had some apple juice, it was time for number two.

Steve was pretty worn out after working on my ear for so long so Brian was going

Do the second one. So one again I was told to take deep breath and there it was again, a lot of pressure followed by a loud pop. But it was over before I knew it. After clean up and making sure I was ok it was

All over and I went from 10 gauge to 00 in less then an hour. The first time I looked in the mirror I was so happy with the out come. Minus all the dried blood. I went home took a shower and slept the rest of the day. The healing time was about 4 to 5 months. They would be doing great then I would hit one or something like that and they would go back to shit but all in all I thought it was a pretty quick heal time.

About a year after that I ended up moving to phoenix. My goal size for my conches is ½ inch. And after a while in phoenix I went to a local shop to start stretching. I walked into HTC body piercing; a girl greeted me and asked what she could help me with. I told her I wanted to stretch my conches, she gave me a look and wanted my to understand how much it was going to hurt. I told her I was aware and that I still wanted to do it. So we picked out some plug. I went with glass. 7/16 was my next size so I filed out the paper work, waited e few minutes and then I was called back. The girl at the front desk wanted to watch, because she was thinking about stretching hers and she wanted to see what she was going to have to go through. I had no problem with that so we all went back. Kat the one stretching my ears told me to lay down one the table. It wasn't a table it was a chair laid out. A lied down she took my plug out put the taper in my ear until it didn't want to go any more,

then once again I was told to take a deep breath and when I let out she pushed the taper through my ear. Unlike last time right after the punch this stretch I felt very much. It was so painful. I new it was going to hurt but unlike usual with a piercing or most mods for that matter this hurt a lot worse then what I was expecting. I got a little light headed; she brought me some apple juice told me to concentrate on my breathing. I had to take a break after that for a couple of minutes.

Then came the next one. Just like the first one it was unbelievably pain full but I now hade my ears at 7/16. I got up talked with Kat for a few minutes; she was telling me that stretching cartilage washer least favorite thing to do to people. After that I tip went into my car smoked a cigarette and went home. Unlike most stretches when the burn goes away pretty quickly, these did not. I had them stretched yesterday and they still hurt just as bad, well maybe a little better but it is so annoying. Every time my heart beats my ears fucking hurt. Hopefully the pain will go away soon because I am so happy with the out come.

So that was my experience, and in the end I am very happy I did what I did. If you are thinking about getting a dermal punch it really isn't that bad. Its more scary then anything else. But with stretching you really do want to make sure you are ready for it because it hurts like hell. Thanks for reading.

Justin Scott


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: steve%2F+brian++kat
Studio: barbella+%2F+htc+piercing
Location: costa+mesa%2F+phoenix

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