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Love My Rook

Yo, How's it all going.

Just a little bit of background information before I start , to set the scene and all that.

I'm 17 and ever since I was 12 I've wanted my ears peirced. My mum is really against peircings and all body modifications, I begged and I pleaded for years until eventually sometime in March of this year, just after my birthday infact, I persuaded her to let me get my left ear lobe pierced on one condition - I got a hair cut. This was perfectly fine by me, I meen yeah. Hair grows back right?

Ok skip forward a week I got my earlobe pierced at a studio called Funky Divas, waited for it to heal, took about 3 weeks and then I stretched it to 4mm and nearly passed out doing so because I had no vasaline and was going straight from a 1.2 m m ear piercing to a 4 m m ear piercing. That's a story for another time though

Now then...The Rook. I finally had the courage to go get it done a few weeks ago but Dan was on holiday and would be back on the monday. Monday came I visited Funky Divas again and spoke to Dan but he had hurt his eye that morning, It being national Pirate day I bought him an eye patch and was promised a discount on my piercing if I went back in 3 days time.

3 days passed and I finished college for the day, made my way down into town with my friend and walked into the studio. I saw Dan the piercer and filled out all the usual paperwork have you eaten today, do you smoke, what is your age, is it ok to poke you with a needle and you wont sue if it goes wrong, the usual. I handed over my money( including discount which worked out to be about £17 . ) I made my way into the back room and made myself comfy on the bed and chose a ring to place in there. He washed his hands, got all the equipment ready then washed his hands again and put on some gloves.

He marked the spot and clamped my ear, not having had a cartalidge piercing before this was all new to me, I felt some discomfort and then was asked if I was ready, I replied yes and breathed out. He made the usual chat (how was your day? and things like that) The only reason I knew he had actually done it was when my friend let out a little squeal and I heard the pop of it coming out the other side. I didn't feel a thing. He spent a little bit of time putting the jewlry in and getting it all looking nice and I was shown it in the mirror, I loved it. I took an aftercare sheet and was on my way. 3 days on it still stings a little bit and it hurts if I knock it but other than that it is perfect. I walked over the street to the very conviniantly placed shop and bought an energy drink just incase I felt a little woozy and wanted some sugar, I think I got lucky because I nearly fainted when I stretched my ear.

The next day in college I showed anyone and everyone and they were all amazed that the little bit of cartalidge there could take a piercing, I filled them in on all the details, cost, location and the most important one to them - the pain, and they were completly shocked that it didn't hurt at all. Despite all the horror stories of Rooks being painfull, hard to take care off, and of course migrating all I can say to you is not to worry, just wash it twice or three times a day with a salt water solution ( warm water and about a teaspoon of salt ) using a cotton bud or cotton ball and you will have no trouble at all with your new piercing, it looks great, feels fine 90% of the day, and can easily be concealed if need be, or if you have long hair like I do :). I'm definatly going back there for my next piercing.

I recommend the studio to anyone living in or visting in and around Barnstaple in North Devon. The studio is extreamly clean and all the staff are wonderfull people who will help with whatever you might need , easy to talk to and of course friendly. The prices are all very reasonable as well!

I would definatly recommend a rook piercing to everyone, completly pain free and the best part...All your friends will love it!!

Thanks for reading guys and girls


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Funky+Divas
Location: Barnstaple%2C+UK

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