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Little dermal punched conch

I had wanted my conch pierced for quite a long time and finally I found a date, 29th June 2007, when I had the time and finances to be able to go and get it done. I was really excited about it, so I was so annoyed when I almost couldn't go! I woke up feeling really ill and like I might be sick but I started feeling a bit better and went into town anyway. I wanted it done so badly! I made sure I ate about an hour before as I am prone to feeling dizzy and have fainted a couple of times. After this me and my boyfriend made our way to Savage Art in Bedford, he came with me for moral support! Unfortunately it was quite busy at the studio so I had to wait a while, and the longer I have to wait the more nervous I get! I could feel the adrenaline kicking in as my heart was going mad. I had it dermal punched at 1.6mm rather than done with a needle, because they tend to heal quicker due to the reduced pressure on the cartilage this way. I usually take a long time to heal so this method works quite well for me.

At last it was my turn but there were still quite a few people in the waiting area and this also makes me nervous because they could see me through the glass wall, so I asked Lee to draw the curtains and he said it was fine, which made me a little calmer. He said I have really veiny ears so I would be very restricted as to where I could place it, there was only one position he could put it but luckily when I looked at the dot it was almost exactly where I wanted it anyway.

When he asked me to take a deep breath in I had a quick moment of panic because you know they are about to pierce you, then I felt the very sharp pain. It wasn't too bad but one of my more painful experiences and made me scrunch my face up! As he put the jewellery in it was quite sore and I tried to occupy myself by looking at photos on the wall and concentrating on my breathing to stop me feeling faint and this time it worked! I was convinced I was going to faint that day as I was so nervous and worked up (and not feeling great anyway). Luckily it hardly bled at all and I left feeling very pleased.

My aftercare consists of giving it a clean with salt solution twice a day (1/4 of a teaspoon of sea salt in a mug of boiling water) and trying not to touch it.

Day 1:

After the initial piercing pain it stopped hurting almost straight away and only hurt if I caught it on my hair which I am going to keep tied up out of the way to prevent this as much as possible. No swelling by the evening :)

Day 2:

A bit of blood round the holes in the morning but other than that it's fine.

Day 3:

Felt fine during the day but by the evening it was throbbing a bit and a bit swollen.

Day 4:

Still swollen and bit painful this morning so I took some ibuprofen, which is a mission as I can't swallow tablets and have to crush them and put it in yogurt! Started to feel better quite quickly.

Day 5:

Not really any swelling today :) and it's the first morning that there hasn't been any blood round the holes, just the usual crust so it is settling down nicely.

Day 11:

Today I had my hair braided which looks awesome but my conch kept getting knocked- luckily it hasn't swollen up or bled like I was expecting so I am very happy with it! Usually my piercings do not behave this well at all.

Day 12:

I spoke too soon, this morning there was a bit of blood round the holes but no swelling which is good. I am continuing with the usual salt soaks to clean it, it's so satisfying to clean it with really hot solution and get all the crusties off!

Day 16:

Someone hugged me really hard and squashed my conch this evening, why am I so unlucky! I swear people are unconsciously attracted to new piercings! It bled a bit so gave it a soothing salt soak and will see how it is in the morning.

Day 17:

Quite a lot of crust again which is a little bloody. Still no swelling though, it has been one of the best cartilage piercings I've had in terms of the swelling, which has been quite minimal. Having it dermal punched was definitely a good decision.

Day 19:

Now it seems to have settled down again, I am getting hardly any crust :) Hopefully it will not get bashed about any more.

1 month:

So it's not very crusty any more... but now I have a huge lump on the front and back of it! (hypertrophic scarring). Not surprising seeing as it got knocked about a lot, and I often get them on cartilage piercings anyway. So I've been putting a bit of tea tree oil on it after cleaning, this has worked on all my other lumps. Fingers crossed!

2 months, 2 weeks:

Well this damn lump is still here. I've recently been on holiday though and the lump reduced quite a lot over that time, I think all the salty sea water and chlorine in the swimming pool has helped dry it out. I made sure I cleaned the piercing twice a day still, didn't want to get an infection or anything. The sea may be salty but it's far from clean! I'm still keeping up with the tea tree applications but sometimes I just think the lump is never going to go away :( it's so frustrating when you have done your best to try and look after a piercing but sometimes things just go wrong anyway. I know it's not the worst that could happen, I just wish it would bugger off!

4 months:

Finally the lumps have gone from both sides of the piercing! Getting them is so frustrating but you just have to persevere with tea tree oil and eventually they do go. In total it took about 3 months. It looks so much better now and I'm a very happy person!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Lee
Studio: Savage+Art
Location: Bedford

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