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Guess who fainted?

I'll admit, when it comes to choosing any sort of piercing, I sometimes jump the gun. It is safe to say that my tragus was very spur of the moment, a celebration of being of the legal age to no longer need parental consent.

I did research on the piercing before going, but it was not incredibly extensive, regardless of that I was feeling confident that it would be a minimally painless procedure (I was hoping for the best there, some people had told me that it is the most painful piercing).

On Friday, I phoned ahead to Adreline on Queenst West, just to clarify if in fact I did not need my parents there. Since my mom is pretty much against most piercings, I was elated when they said I could go.

So I planned a trip downtown with my friend Izaak, we were going to paint the town red, and get some sushi. When we met up at Union Station, I just kind of dropped it on him that I was going to get a piercing today, and he was welcome to come and watch. He looked a little wary, seeing as he does not have a single one. We trolled around for the day, pretty much just so I could get my courage up about going into the store.

When I finally did, I was surprised; this studio was packed, maybe because it also doubles as a clothing store. There was loud music playing and the lights were all dim, I was never used to such a 'hip' place to get anything pierced.
What made Adrenaline seem even cooler was the fact that they had a tattooing booth made public to the people walking past in the street, you could watch someone getting there tattoo done.

While I set Izaak up with a nice book of all the tattoo artists' work, I went and found someone in this busy throng to help me out. I found a nice girl with blond hair and lots of tattoos, she was friendly and nice (from what I could hear over the music), she got down to the thick asking me questions, I sailed through all of them, and was escorted to this comfy bench around the corner from the actual store. I was not mistaken when I said this was a busy place there was a line when I sat down, I actually had to wait for ten minutes, I was not used to that.
When my turn was called I was saddened that girl called me "Jor-DAN", it really rubs me the wrong way, but I couldn't blame her.
So I got in, all name pronunciations aside, and sat myself down on the surgical bed.
That's when I noticed that there was a girl and a boy both in there with me. The man his name was Matt and he was to be the person piercing me, and the other girl was Jess she was looking at me from a distance, she was an apprentice to Matt. They started to talk to me about my piercing, and it was an odd experience to have Matt almost talk through me while explaining things to Jess, telling her where to place it what to look for. I even listened as he told Jess, I had a 'deformed' tragus, (that it was rather small), I had to laugh when he said that. Thankfully they could still pierce it.

They marked my ear, and we played around with the placement until I was sold on one spot. I was happy to see Matt was doing the piercing; I'm all for everyone learning, but just maybe not on me.
The actual piercing was indeed painful, Matt told me to breathe in, and then out, it was finished quickly, but the kind of Rice Krispies 'Snap, Crackle, Pop' was not too lovely. The procedure felt like it took ages, what with all the twisting and screwing in. Needless to say when he finished I was not feeling to hot, the room felt kind of odd and I was just eager to get out of there. I asked for some water, and took a nice big sip. Then I woke up on the floor with Matt snapping his fingers in front of my face. I was so floored (haha,pun) that I did that, I felt pretty silly (since both my Monroe and nose ring had went off without a stitch), it hurt but not enough to faint, so I thought.
I was alert in less than a minute (it actually was quite refreshing when I woke up), and ready to hear my aftercare. Jess explained that to me, and I'm sure I made her apprentice experience pretty crumby; she probably did not want to see people fainting all over her workplace. So I did the right thing and apologized, they laughed it off and sent me on my merry way.

I paid and found Izaak still flipping through the book, on the bench outside the booths. He was pretty disappointed that he missed the fainting show, but said he was too squeamish, and oh ya, we got our sushi.

So far it's been a couple of days and the piercing is doing fine. I recommend if you're going to get it done to do it, the pain does not outweigh the benefits, and if you go and you are like me maybe you should bring along a pillow.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Adrenaline
Location: Downtown+Toronto%2COntario+on+Queen+street+west

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