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First Serious Piercing

I have wanted a needle through my cartilage for quite some time now. I just wasn't sure what part of my cartilage. I've had my lobes pierced since I was 10 and had recently re-pierced the second hole back in January.

After that simple piercing I knew I wanted something more. Something bigger and better than just a lobe piercing. I contemplated all my options and finally determined that I wanted to keep it on my ear. But where? After thoroughly looking through many photos on BMEzine I decided that the rook was perfect. It would be more inside my ear so my hair was less-likely to catch on it; it wouldn't get in the way of ear-buds; and it wasn't going to be too overpowering on my ears, unlike an industrial.

I took some time to look over the various complications that could occur and to read some experiences. I have no problem with needles so I wasn't too concerned with the pain, but my ears are fairly sensitive and I've had multiple infections in my lobe piercings early-on. Most of the experiences I read were 100% positive and most of them claimed that there was little pain involved. A few more photos of those little curved barbells and I was sold.

Then I had to pick my parlor. I live in Seattle so piercing/tattoo parlors are everywhere, but unfortunately many of them have reputations for being snobby and rude to customers. The last thing I needed to be dealing with was bad customer service. I asked for suggestions and the name that came up the most was Deep Roots on the Ave in the U district. I googled them to discover rave reviews. I found their number and called to make an appointment, but was told that piercings were first-come-first-served.

Since I didn't have an appointment to keep, I continued to put it off for a few more weeks. Finally I decided that I really wanted to get it done before school started and I had just about a week left. I'm still underage, so I had to make sure my mom could come with me. She works at the University so it was easy for us to go after she got off work. We decided I would come down around 5 o'clock and pick her up and we'd go over there. My best friend, Mandi, tagged along for the ride.

All along the ride Mandi reminded me that someone was about to stick a huge needle in my ear. I just smiled and reminded myself that the adrenaline rush was going to be awesome. We picked up my mom, parked and made our way into Deep Roots. The first thing I noticed were the huge glass cases of jewelry, all of it simply gorgeous and much of it looking as though it was hand-made. Mandi and I gawked at some very large glass plugs when someone behind the counter offered to help us. I told him I was here to get my rook pierced and he asked for my ID. After much exchanging and photocopying of IDs and filling out and signing of forms we were finally ready to proceed.

My piercer introduced himself as Rion. He was very friendly and calm. We went down the hall and into a room; all four of us. My mom and Mandi seemed more nervous than I did; I was just excited. The two of them took their seats while I hopped up on the "examining table". I looked at everything laid out in front of Rion and noticed the especially-big, curved needle in it's packaging. I quickly looked over at a painting on the wall.

Everything was in its own package which Rion opened in front of me, wearing gloves. First he cleaned my ear and then made some marks. I never got a look at the marks but he seemed like he knew what he was doing. Next, he told me that this part would be very quick. He positioned the needle and then told me to take a deep breath in. I did and expected the needle, but then he told me to breathe out and so I did and crunch- there went the needle. There was minimal pain and some pressure. The worst part was the sound it made. Rion quickly put in the jewelry and I finally breathed easy knowing it went off without a hitch. He told me to go look at it in the mirror and I absolutely loved what I saw.

I paid him and thanked him and bought myself some H2Ocean spray to use on it (in addition to sea-salt-soaks.) I am absolutely thrilled with my piercing. It is very ME and very pretty. Of course, now I have the piercing bug and really want to get more, but for now my rook will stand out on it own.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Rio
Studio: Deep+Roots
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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