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Ear stretching from 5/8" to 3/4" with silicone.

Okay, so I have been stretching my ears for about a year or two now. Just for some background information, I'm a freshman now and not a lot of people in my high school have stretched ears. My ears have been at 5/8" for a while now and last night, I decided to go the next size up. Little did I know that it would take longer than expected.

So at about ten o' clock last night, I decided to go forth with it. I was laying in my bed watching television when it came to me:"Hey, maybe I'll stretch my ears tonight?!" So I got my case that has all the ear stretching supplies in it. Just a side note, my brother stretches his ears too and we decided it would be easier to keep them in a case. So anyway, I got the 3/4" silicone tunnels out and then tried to decide if I should go through with it.

Well I did, I folded one of the earrings up and pushed it into my left ear. Anyone who stretches with silicone earrings would know that they don't always just pop up. Sometimes you have to slide your finger in to pop it up. For me that is the scariest moment of all. I just know that it's going to hurt really bad. But i didn't care, I just wanted to get it over with. I popped it up and it didn't hurt that bad. Now for the hardest ear, the right one.

My right ear has had a small blowout for a while now and I'm really careful about stretching it. So I folded up the second tunnel and wedged it into my ear. Once again it didn't pop up right away so I put my finger in and popped it up. This one hurt more than anything. But I just thought that the pain would go away when it had healed a bit. I waited an hour for the pain to subside. Well, it didn't. I even took some pain killers. Don't worry, it was some of that eight hour relief that you take for headaches and toothaches. I was already taking two every eight hours for my tooth, so I just added one more.

Well about an hour later they still hurt, so I took them out and put my 5/8" tunnels back in. I decided to try again in the morning when I took a shower. So I went to bed without any pain in my ears. I woke up the next morning and got into the shower. I had my silicone tunnels in hand. I washed my hair and body and decided to start stretching. I repeated the process, same as the previous night. Again the left ear wasn't that bad, I didn't even have to pop it up. The right ear was a little bit more tricky.

I eventually got it in and popped it up. It hurt less thanks to the warm water. I got out of the shower and dried off. I went to put some clothes on and my lobes started hurting extremely bad. My first reaction was to not get too worried because with freshly stretched piercings, there is likely an open wound. I didn't want to get my heart racing and circulate more blood than usual to my ear, so I just calmly went to look at them in the mirror. There was no visual reason for them to hurt so I took it to be the stretching that was making it hurt.

Whenever my brother or I stretch with tapers, we use triple antibiotic to lube the tapers so the slide in easier. So I decided to take the tunnels out and put some triple antibiotic on my ears and try again. Well finally I got some relief. The tunnels went in perfectly without a lot of pain. They still hurt a bit, but not nearly as bad as when I first did it.

I think that stretching your ears is a great thing to do. I would definitely recommend it, but only do it when your ears are healed after a previous stretching. Always keep your ears clean and always get your parents permission. If you buy your earrings at Hot Topic as I have, ask someone that works there and has stretched ears about it. They will be more than happy to give you tips and safety precautions.

If you don't buy your earrings there, go to a piercing shop. They will most likely have sheets of paper with safety tips for stretching. But, if you don't have access to a tattoo shop, go online of ask someone that has them. It's a fun thing to do, but you just have to be careful. I hope you had fun reading my experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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