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DIY Lobe Piercing

So, I am in love with any type of body mods. Of course, being so young I am restricted. I am also restricted because of parents. They are cool about piercings but i have to wait a while between each one. I had 6 piercings (Up until an hour ago). One on my lower right lip which is about four months old. The rest are on my ears ranging from 5 to a few years old.

So about an hour ago I got the random urge to do a piercing. I know it is a bad, bad, bad idea to do a DIY piercing. I know enough just to do some simple piercings. I have been wanting a rook but i was not going to try that. The body piercings i want (hips) were not options either and if I did the nose piercing have been wanting i would have cried. I decided on a simple lobeish piercing.

I used a marker and tried out different areas. I decided on about the middle of my ear. A little above my second hole and about an inch lower than my cart. I remembered I had a needle in my closet so I went and grabbed it. I compared it to the size of the stud, the needle was a bit smaller. Whatever, I went on with "sterilizing" the earring, my ear, and new-found needle.

I have tried piercing my ear before. I used a push-pin. I got it through the first layer and it hurt so bad. I walked out and showed my brother the push pin hanging out of my ear. He stared and said I would get in trouble. I highly doubted this because my mom pieced her own ears. I ended up taking the push-pin out which was probably the best idea.

After I calmed myself down a bit I went into the kitchen and grabbed some ice and a paper towel. I went back into my bathroom and put the ice up to my ear. After about 5 minutes I went for it. I put the needle up to my ear and pushed. I stopped after a few seconds because I could not feel anything. When I let go of the needle it just kind of hung there. I tried pushing it in more but the end of the needle made my thumb bleed. I went to go get a bandana while the needle bobbed up and down with each step. I went back into the bathroom with my bandana and tried again. Success! I went through. I sat in amazement for awhile that i actually did it. Then I tried putting the stud in. The numbness was starting to wear off the and the whole was way too small. Great.

After cleaning my ear off I tried to remember what my friend pierced herself with. She pierced her lip, ear, and monroe herself. A safety pin... I forgot where I put the last few safety pins I hadn't lost. I found one in my closet and went back to the bathroom.

I did the whole numbing process again then tried. The safety pin was easier to push and went in with no issues. It bled quite a bit but I expected that. I put the stud through which required some pushing. My ear was red but I felt no pain. After i finished I admired my new piercing in the mirror. It wasn't much but I was proud.

A few minutes later my dad noticed it. He hates needles so he was very surprised that I did it myself. When my mom got home he told her "Grace put a safety pin through her ear!" She stared then realized what he said. "You are not wearing that to school!" I was confused at this point. 'Wait...why?"

"It is a safety pin in your ear!" I realized what she thought. She thought I put a safety pin in my ear and was wearing it like an earring. "Noooo! I just used a safety pin to pierce it." She sighed. "Oh, then you can keep it. Do you still have the ear cleaning stuff?" I nodded and she walked into the kitchen. She was fine with it and my dad was obviously disappointed that i was not in trouble from her. He wanted to see the safety pin so I showed him and he just walked away.

I am very proud of myself! It doesn't even hurt right now and i forget it is there. this rises the count to 7 and i plan on getting at least 3 more. I do not suggest piercing yourself. I was nervous but i had most of the right stuff to do it. I am happy with my piercing and help it heals up fine. The next DIY will probably be the piercing between my new one and the second hole on my lobe.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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