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Daith - second time lucky?

I first had my Daith pierced about 18 months ago at Holier than Thou in Manchester – It was my favourite of my cartilage piercings (the others being a forward helix, a conch and an anti-tragus) but unfortunately it just didn't want to play and I ended up making an executive decision to take it out as I still had a conch and anti-tragus in the last parts of healing in the other ear and I needed to have at least ONE side I could sleep on!

Now, last month my best friend Danielle had decided she wanted somewhere pierced, she had all intention of having her snug done but after some extensive BME based browsing she changed her mind at the last minute to her Daith, I have to admit I was a bit jealous that she was going to have my old favourite done...

I led her into Holier than thou where Davina and Marcus were standing behind the desk/ till, Marcus helping someone with their aftercare instructions and Davina doing the fantastic job of checking all the new deliveries for imperfections! I introduced them and she filled out her (very extensive) forms (they didn't ask for ID as the age restriction for cartilage there is only 16 and Danielle is 26 – and however good she looks, I don't think she can quite pass for a school girl)

I went into the piercing room with them which was, as always, the cleanest place I have ever stood – you almost feel scared to breathe in there in case you mess it up! They have recently refurbished the shop and the new decor is very swish, I always think it feels like a very expensive private dental surgery – but more fun!

I watched Danielle have her piercing done from very close quarters; – it went very well: much, much quicker than I remembered mine had been! By the way – he didn't use a curved needle, just a straight cannula, and popped in a 1.2 X 10 titanium BCR. She looked in the mirror and I could see that she liked it (her Stepdad later told her he thought it looked like a hearing aid which I found amusing!)

You may have guessed that by this point I wanted mine redone! I quickly filled in my form while Marcus cleaned the piercing room, (again, no ID as they know me well enough) then hopped onto the table.

Breathe in... and out... He put the needle through and err... it stopped halfway. We weren't expecting that! OUCH. He then had to give it an almighty push to get it through the scar tissue from my old Daith piercing (which created a not entirely unpleasant crunching sound..), I finally saw the cannulla fall onto my lap (unusual) which signalled to me that the ring was in and he then struggled for about 2 minutes to get the ball on the BCR before finally giving in and using pliers, thank god! (Exactly the same thing happened last time – I must have fiddly ears, Danielles went so quickly the lucky cow!) We both concluded that it was far more difficult than it should have been!

It was the most painful piercing experience I have had - And I didn't think that any regular piercing could surpass my microdermals! Don't let that put you off though – it was only because of the scar tissue and it getting stuck halfway! the first time was comparable to all my other cartilage piercings (just a bit of a nip)

They didn't give me an aftercare sheet as it would be a waste of a tree (although they ensured Danielle got one, and I made sure she read it – I didn't want to be blamed for any infectious goings on in my friends ear!)

Over the last few years of being pierced I have discovered that personally my body heals best when mostly left alone entirely and only cleaned when necessary. If a piercing is red or slightly inflamed or seems a bit "icky" I do a salt water soak, and I just use very very hot water on them if I can see any crusties etc... However it has taken me a while to figure this way out for myself – so please follow your piercers instructions!

My Daith is coming along nicely... it is healing a lot better than my first attempt, I think this is in part because last time I had 2 other piercings healing and was probably a bit over enthusiastic on the cleaning, then again – it might just be "one of those things". He doesn't like in ear headphones at the moment but he's OK if I accidently sleep on him... it doesn't look newly pierced and I will be trying my damndest to leave him in there this time!

I'd never been pierced with somebody else before – I really enjoyed sharing my interest with my friend, and I'm glad she enjoyed it to – I've got a feeling she'll be getting more sparkly bits before we know it (which undoubtedly means I will too)


submitted by: jadio
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Marcus
Studio: Holier+Than+Thou
Location: Manchester

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