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Conch piercing, the start of an addiction...

Ok so I've been interested in getting pierced since I was about 15 but never really had the balls to get one, mainly I suppose because my circle of friends have never really been into it, stupid reason I know. Anyway fast forward to this summer that I spent working in Ibiza where attitudes to piercings are very different, seems everyone as at least something pierced!

So one day, with nothing much else to do I decided it was time to get my first piercing. So I grab a couple of my friends and head down to Naxa one of the piercing shops in San Antonio. I decided on getting my conch pierced as its something a little different and I didn't think it would hurt too much. After waiting so long to get pierced I actually gave it surprisingly little thought!

I arrived at Naxa and told Joav what I wanted, he told me it would cost 30 euros, which was fine by me. There was no queue so I went straight into his little piercing room, which was insanely clean a little annoyingly though I was not allowed any company, just me an Joav then! He put on a pair of gloves and cleaned my ear and made the mark for where it was to be pierced. I checked it in the mirror and it was all good, I have really small ears so there was never going to be much discussion! Joav got the needle out and told me to breathe deeply, as I was doing this he rammed the needle through my ear and I do mean rammed! It was one hell of a push! I suppose it is thick cartilage there but I'll tell you now it hurt! In hindsight I maybe wouldn't recommend this piercing as your first one as it does hurt quite a lot I think, every piercing I have talked to Joav about and compare pain levels to my conch the conch always seems to come out as the more painful. Maybe that's just Joa v trying to make me man up a little and get more piercings! He then swapped the needle for a plastic flat backed labret stud. He then explained the aftercare and I was about to go on my way when I felt really light headed so got a glass of water with brown sugar in it, which looked like thin mud, to get my blood sugar back up. After a while I was I was back up, paid and got on my way. Got just out the door again and started to feel faint again so got a bottle of Pepsi to drink, one of the guys from the shop saw me and told me to lie down again. Ten minutes and a cigarette later I did actually feel a lot better and started walking off, feeling a little embarrassed for nearly fainting, TWICE! I would recommend Joav and Naxa to anyone who finds themselves in San Antonio in Ibiza as it looked really clean, Joav was really professional and is also a bit of a legend.

So left Naxa and went straight down the road to Pussycat's for a cocktail. Maybe not the best thing to do as alcohol thins the blood but I felt as if I had achieved something! So I sat there in my new singular holed glory thinking of any other things the world needed conquering! None came to mind....

I kept the piercing clean using a cotton bud and salt water to clean off any crusty bits and blood twice or three times. Had to be careful which side of my head I slept on as the left side where I got it pierced was a little tender for a bit. I was also down the beach regularly and had it in salt water loads which I think probably helped, so a couple of weeks later and it was totally fine.

I swapped my metal ball for a black spike after a couple of weeks but people just thought it looked more like a mole than a piercing so I changed it back to my metal ball. Still wear it with a flat backed labret stud, now just a little shorter than the one I had when I had it pierced.

I've had my conch pierced for a few months now and I'm back in the UK and I still absolutely love it and would never take it out (firstly because getting the ball back on is really hard!) Even my mates who are not into body mod at all think its pretty cool along with the tongue piercing I got about a month later! Piercings are so addictive and I'm already planning my third. If you're reading this and want anything pierced do it! Worst case scenario you don't like it and you take it out but let's face it that probably won't happen!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Joav
Studio: Naxa
Location: Ibiza

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