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12g piercing to 4g tunnels

It all started on a sunny Friday in June. I had long been missing the sweet sensation of a needle through the skin, after all my labret had been out for 4 months. Feeling like I could use some metal in my body, I decided to get both my ears pierced, intending to stretch them.

After strenuous research, I had chosen a shop fairly close to my house called True Blue Tattoo; I set out on a drive with my good buddy. We pulled up to the place, it was a small shop in the corner of a tiny shopping center.  I'll admit I was sort of nervous. The inside turned out to be pretty nice, clean and friendly. I informed the guy at the front I was looking to get pierced, he then yelled to some apparent "Kira" in the back. A young, very heavily pierced, cute chick appeared and introduced herself; getting my paperwork started. I wanted to get the largest gauge they could do, figuring I might as well kick start the stretching process. She said she would do 10g, but soon realized she only had the jewelry in a 12g. I was ok with the 12g, I knew I would just stretch to a 10g soon anyways. She went in the back to start setting it all up.

She called me over and sat me down in the chair; she soon started unwrapping the needle. A few words of small talk later she had the needle to my ear. She pushed it through fairly easily, slightly snagging before getting it out the back. The other ear was the same deal. The process was fairly enjoyable in my opinion; although I may have some masochistic tendencies, who knows. In any case, $60 later I'm out the door and pretty pleased with my ears.

After a few days of heavy 12g circular barbell, my ears were pretty unhappy. Any movement that caused the barbells to spin was mildly irritating, not to mention sleeping was fairly difficult. I decided to go to Hot Topic and buy a pair of smaller plug like earrings. After that, my ears were much better, and with daily cleaning and salt soaks, healing was a breeze.

About two weeks after the initial piercing, I had ordered a piercing taper kit from Ebay. The kit would set me up with all the tapers and plugs I would need to go from 12-0g. You can imagine my excitement at this prospect. Not being one to wait, I immediately attempted to stretch my 12g to a 10g. After applying some Satin soap to the taper, I pushed it through. It slid right in so easily, I wondered if I was in fact stretching at all! I quickly put in the plugs (some of the smallest flesh tunnels ever) and marveled at the ease of my first stretching.

I let my ears heal for about another 2 weeks, putting it at about a month after my piercing. I moved up to an 8g, again without any problems. Another 2 weeks passed and I felt it was time again to move up, to a 6g. I knew that most piercers suggest a month at least between stretchings, but for some reason I felt mine were healed fairly well. This stretch was definitely painful, but once the taper was in the pain subsided. The trick came in getting the plug in, and it took several painful attempts.

After this ordeal I decided to give it a month until my next stretching. In this time, my ears became very nicely healed tunnels of flesh, and at the end of August I chose to get up to the 4g. This stretch was more painful than the first ones, but much less than the 8-6g stretch. I left the taper in for a few hours to give the hole time to loosen up, this made putting in the plug much easier. The other ear went just as smoothly.

I am now about 3 months out from the initial 12g piercing. I am sitting at a 4g, and plan another stretching in a few weeks. The whole process from 12-4g took about 2.5 months in total. While this method worked for me, by no means do I suggest that anyone can go at this speed. My research prior the stretching told me that the worst thing you can do is stretch too fast. I was lucky, and did not encounter any infections or blowouts, but this is not necessarily indicative of the norm. I hope my experience can show that with knowledge, safety, and good health, it is possible to safely stretch at a relatively increased pace.

I plan to stretch to a 0g, and settle down there for a while. As of now, stretching is on the back-burner, I have a fresh horizontal lip to take care of... its sure to be an interesting experience!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Kira
Studio: True+Blue+Tattoo
Location: Alameda+and+Kipling%2C+Denver

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